I am going to Atlanta next weekend: Sat-Tue and I'm looking for some tips on great coffee, cool coffeeshops and cuppings.

I will be staying in Decatur so Dancing Goats will be a stop and so will Octane, but where else should I go? 

If anyone is interested in trying some lightly roasted Scandinavian coffee let me know as I will be bringing some over!  :-) 

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Oscar, check out this site. It's re: The Atlanta Disloyalty Card. It's a great coffee tour, and includes both shops you mentioned. Also feel free to message me when you're in town, I'd love you to come hang out with me at the Batdorf & Bronson Roastery here in Atlanta. And definitely love to try the coffee!

Thanks Jason, I have added Drip and Parkgrounds to my list. Would love to pay you a visit in the roastery!
Element Coffee Co. is worth a stop, pulling Intelli and Stumptown. Also, while not in Atlanta, but nearby, is Safehouse Coffee and Tea in Griffin, GA. They just recently got Hoffman's Uberboiler installed. They pull some wicked, house-roasted single origins on a 4 portafilter LM Linea, and brew Chemex besides. But Dancing Goats is probably my favorite, and I always try the Clover.
Thanks Paul! Yeah, I have tried the Dancing Goat Clover a couple times and (except all the laptop users) it's a great place.

Hopefully I can convince my friends to go to Griffin, those dirtycup guys seem cool!
I love Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roaster!! They are such wonderful people who love what they do. Tell Aaron 'hello' from the old Shelby's crew if you stop in the roastry!!
There are so many little coffee shops in the Decatur area, have FUN!! I wish i were going with!!
Be sure to stop by the Clermont Lounge to say hello to Blondie!
Had a great session with Jason in the roastery. Clermont Lounge was not really what I expected, the brew coffee was rather weak and unbalanced, possibly some robusta in there? Blondie was a lot of fun though!
Bwa haha! Yes, the clairmont lounge. Where strippers go to die.

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