Is anyone using the Apple POS system? If so, I'd love to hear what you think about it. Pros? Cons?

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Mike, tell us more about your iPhone application (that's apple right?) :)

We have also looked at many POS systems for the school, and only back two, SelbySoft and Coffee Shop Manager. Plus, what other POS systems have active members on Barista Exchange and are focused so heavily on the coffee industry specifically? I feel that says a lot about their customer service.

- Matt
Matt, I agree that SelbySoft and Coffee Shop Manager seem to be the best two packages out there for coffeehouses. I just saw the new 7.5 version of SelbySoft. They have finally created a more updated look and feel to their software.
Matt - That is apple! We have developed for the iPhone (and any other browser based phone) an online ordering module for customers to place orders without waiting in line. Not for everyone but we have some areas of the country where people are very interested.

John - Thanks! I'm glad you have 7.50 of our software. As a software company developing POS for over 20 years we realize that you innovate, update or die in this industry. Our new version has a greatly enhanced gift card system as well as other features.
how has the sixth sense worked out for you?
Passamike~ I'm still tweaking it but all in all its working pretty well.
Thanks for the response Trevor. I have used another POS for the last year or so and realized we had made a mistake. I have many this format ok or may i call you? Some questions: Gift cards?, Support? Reports? Initial setup? menu support? ease of button customization? my ph#530.355.1737...thanks mike

Trevor said:
Passamike~ I'm still tweaking it but all in all its working pretty well.
I've had Sixth Sense POS System installed for about 1 year now. I had customized the software to my needs. In the end it cost me a lot more then liked. But overall it does everything i need it to do. There are still bugs and problem that have risen as time went on but nothing too serious.

They are coming out with an updated version that hopefully fixes all the issues but they will only customize special customers looking for multiple units.

I own a little grocery/deli in SoHo NY. and I would have to say it is the best so far as far as getting people rung up and out the door. If there are any question about sixth sense POS software feel free to e-mail me at
Just curious about any other feedback on their offering since they have released version 11.

openbravos pos is a awsome pos systeme . free and they do make a mac version

Just found this thread... I have had an iPad point of sale for some time now and I love it! It's the best. Takes up less room, looks cool and my employees can post awesome latte pictures on instagram when the cafe is not super busy.

I have tried and paid for several different systems. My favorite is quickly becoming ShopKeep, because you actually get a good point of sale system more than just a way to accept credit cards like Square. I have also used Breadcrumb, but would recommend that more for full kitchen restaurants.

All in all, is pretty rad because it also helps me keep track of all the employees and their shifts, so at the end of the week I just download a report that I can just send straight to my payroll manager.

Anyway, I love talking tech and coffee, so figured I would contribute to this post a bit.


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