We have had many requests to add Almond milk as an alternative to soy and dairy.  I have taste tested several and there seems to be a demand, but what about allergies?  Nut allergies are serious.  So how do other shops that offer almond milk deal with this?

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post a small sign warning them of it. post ingredients

Separate pitchers.


Most cafes I know of keep a separate pitcher for Soy available for the same reason. You don't want the possibility of cross-contamination to ever happen, but you want it even less when it comes to common allergens like nuts and dairy.

I say use what works best in your coffee.  It's a bummer to have allergies, but it really isn't our job to appease everyone.  If a few people just NEED to have a soy latte, you don't have to be the place to get it; your business will survive.  You don't need to have a non-dairy, non-nut alternative any more than you need to serve frappuccinos or white chocolate mochas, if you don't want to.  Just saying.

What about hemp milk?  Does it taste or texture any good? Hemp has no know allergens. 


In DC the shop I used to work for offered what we called an "Alpacino" which was an almond milk cappuccino. It was cute, definitely caught people's eye on the menu but I generally found almond milk to be very difficult to steam. I would strongly recommend against it unless there seriously is a HIGH demand.
i had success working with condorelli.  you really have to aerate it.  steam before you extract your shot.  then groom the bubbles away.  if you get it right, you can draw rosettas.  i have had less success with other milks, but the condorelli is a good one if you can find it.
I bought a jug of hemp milk and used it for personal lattes at work - frankly, it was gross. When the milk was steamed it seemed to bring out more flavor, not necessarily in a good way. I think hemp milk is best when it's cold. Now there is something I did not try - an iced drink with hemp milk.

zack burnett said:

What about hemp milk?  Does it taste or texture any good? Hemp has no know allergens. 


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