We recently lost our supplier for tasty "sugar free" syrup. The one we used was made with agave and tasted fantastic! Does anyone know of any agave sweetened syrups out there??

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We work with Sweetbird whose sugar free syrups use sucralose as the main sweetening agent. This is the same type of artificial sweetener used to make products like Splenda. It is however, the 8th item listed on the ingredients list so I'd imagine the amount is somewhat lower than other sugar free syrups. I've worked with the CE in the past and experienced negative reactions in taste from customers...the typical "metallic" taste imparted by sugar free syrups. However that was over 2 years ago so they may have improved their recipes. Sweetbird is heavier on flavor than sweetness, but it's understandable to desire a more "natural" alternative.

I haven't tried this, but I just found an ad for an organic agave sweetener called Nectave.


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