Congratulations everyone on another great milestone! 5000 members in just over a year. Thanks for all the support, and here's to a great 2009 ahead.

It is great to see so many people joining on a regular basis and especially so many members from all over the world. Amazing to me that almost every 3rd member is from a different country lately too. As intended, I am excited that Barista Exchange is becoming such a global resource.

Keep up the participation and great exchange/knowledge sharing. It has been so great meeting so many members. Tomorrow is the first day of Coffee Fest Chicago and I have already ran into many people I feel like I've know forever from bX.

Community is so important in this industry and I hope bX can continue to support the interaction between everyone in the coffee industry, bringing us all closer together, and truly working together on a global scale. During hard economic times it is essential for us as an industry to stick together, share our resources and help the specialty coffee industry succeed and grow.

Again, thanks for being a part of the site, and a great community.


Matt Milletto

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Make that 5001. Congratulations on building such a passionate and dedicated following.

This is terrific Matt! It's pretty cool to think that you have reached this milestone so quick!
Congrats Mr.Matt ! on reaching 5,000 Mark mile stone. Next target 50,000 !!!

kvsaiprasad said:
Congrats Mr.Matt ! on reaching 5,000 Mark mile stone. Next target 50,000 !!!
very rad. i'm on bX every's become part of my routine.
Excellent Happy to part of this community. Thanks for your time and energy making this site
Matt...... you did a great job in the way you designed the overall site, and especially the member pages. I feel much more at home here than I've felt being on other sites. And best, I've met some great specialty coffee people. I'm sure this 5,000 member milestone will be just an early foundation for a very long lived and successful site.

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