A while ago I ran across a term to describe the act of pouring a shot of espresso over a finished blended drink. Now I have forgotten the term. I have had a couple of these recently and like the effect. Anyone know what to call this?

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adjective?!... now i get it. its either marked with milk or espresso, or carmel for that matter. affogato on the other hand is somewhat more vague. drowned... I like the last line of the definition "A "cafe affogato" is sometimes referred to as a "cold shower".
next time that hottie walks into the cafe i know what to do!

Chris Hooton said:
I think some of the confusion is that these drinks have come to been called by an adjective. I got thinking about the etymology of the words "macchiato" and "affogato" they are both adjectives, the describe a drink. So are we talking about an espresso macchiato or a cappuccino macchiato? Are we talking about a gelato affogato or something else affogato? When you look these words up in an Italian dictionary there is not a picture of a drink next to them.

From Babylon Italian-English Dictionary:
adj. spotted, spotty, dappled, smudgy, soiled

adj. drowned

Thanks again for the info!

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