What are the coolest bands you know of, that not many people know about?

After following the "Music Recommendations for Coffeehouses" thread on here, one common denominator kept coming up. Bands that are so small, so indie or not mainstream, that people all over may not have heard of them. I am not talking about bands like Death Cab for Cutie, and although I like them, most people have heard of them by now. I am talking about bands like Dear and the Headlights that Bryan Reynolds on here opened me up to. I was listening to it today thinking, "I would have never even known about this great band had it not been for him posting it on his bX profile." So, what are the best bands you know of, that most people may not? (Ex. One band I saw several times in the other thread was Ratatat. I listened to it on iTunes, great stuff!) And this is music I would play in my car or at home, not just your shop.
I'll start it off:
Mute Math. Easily one of the best bands out there now, and one of the best live shows you'll ever see.
The Cinematics. A band from Scotland I saw open up for Mute Math. Great energy.
Derek Webb. One of our generation's straight from the hip songwriters.
Disappointed by Candy. I have some friends in a band called Jars of Clay, these guys play in their touring band. The stuff on their CD is fresh and great.
Eisley. A pair of sisters and a brother formed this TX band, and even toured with Coldplay. Very good.
Fair. This Pacific NW band is fronted by Aaron Sprinkle, who has been around a while since his old band Poor Old Lu, but this CD is very solid. (Eisley also backs up one of the songs.)
Mat Kearney. I love this cat's style. Smooth flows.
The Sheeps. This Austin-based band is fronted by Wes Whitener, previously head of one of Athen's finest bands, Rock and Roll Summer. He played at my coffeehouse there several times, and was always great.
Seabird. One of my favorite EPs of last year. Short, but sweet.

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bouncing back and forth between alot of Royksopp and alot of Psapp of late.
they sound nothing alike; i have no idea why they're on top of my playlist- but i think everyone should check both of those bands out...
Cloud Cult!
Chicks on Speed ( more for evenings )
James (oldie but awesome for mornings and afternoons)

Most of the ones I like have been named

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