hey everyone. I thought it would be fun to start a thread where we can all list bands and CD's that are great for coffee bar atmosphere's. I'll start with a few favorites:

Sam Prekop - Who's Your New Professor
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
Peter Bjorn & John - Writers Block
The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

- Matt

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natascha atlas older stuff. so sexy thick
nice! an old friend of mine from college is mat's tour manager. 7 degrees of mat kearney here...

Jason Dominy said:
No, I didn't know that, but that's cool! I knew he was from that area, but didn't know exactly where. I know that from time to time I jump behind a bar to help someone out, and every time I play Mat's CD off my iPod, people always come up and ask who it is. Several people have bought it right there on their MacBook or iPhone! It's crazy. His stuff has a nice groove that goes perfectly in a coffeehouse. And it is crazy how popular he has gotten!
Just getting back into Townes Van Zandt ... be here to love me.
Anything by Sola Rosa (NZ)
Felix Laband
Savath & Savalas
Old Morcheeba
Old Hoover
Bob Marley & the Wailers
Thievery Corporation
Kruder & Dorfmeister
DJ Frane

Some ideas....
I cant believe no one mentioned Pavement-any album.

Harlem-free drugs
the black keys-attack and release
nick drake-any
tv on the radio- return to cookie mountain
dj shadow- entroducing
Modest Mouse
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Deerhoof-offend maggie
Mogwai-Happy songs for happy people
The Unicorns
Putamayo is a great company with excellent cd's they have a whole series of international artists...good vibes, they even have cd titles like "music from the coffee lands" "paris cafe" etc. and they even have a retail program where they give you the music for free to play and you can retail the cd's in your retail section.

more canada please!

The weakerthans- anything and everything they make
the waking eyes- holding on to whatever it is (perfect for a bumpin saturday morning)
Apostle of hustle- Folkloric Feel
The Constantines- Kensington Heights
Hayden- anything- perfect for fall and winter espespecially.
Chad Vangaalen- infiniheart
The Wooden sky- If I don't come home you'll know i'm gone
DO Make Say Think- Winter Hymn Country
Feist- Anything
Forest City Lovers- Both albums
Broke Social Scene-
Kevin Drew

all fabulous and northern
Okay here are some oldies, some newbies, and stuff in betweeeen

Four Tet- Rounds
High Places- High Places
Kinks are the Villiage Green Preservation Society
Rolling Stones -Flowers
Feelies- Crazy Rhythms
Zombies-Odyssey & Oracle
The Cure- Boys Don't Cry
Deerhunter- Microcastle
Department of Eagles- in Ear Park
Shangri-las- Myrmidons of Melodrama
Pavement- Brighten the Corners
Rainbow Arabia- Kabukimono
Thee Oh Sees- The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In
Velvet Underground- & Nico
The Books- The Lemon of Pink
School of Seven Bells- Alpinisms

I like this thread. Good thread.
Jay, I think your right. I used to put on an Enya tape, (yes I said tape :_), first thing in the morning when I'd open up at Dillanos Espresso Bar and the customers would comment on how it created a dreamy/etherial feel in the shop. Then before too long David (the shop owner) would come in and change it over to KNDD, the end radio and start rockin' the place with 80's & 90's pop-rock hits. We liked the music but the customers would comment on it being a little much for the morning. What do you have recommended it that situation? - Cash [_]D

Jay Lijewski (TacomaPenna) said:
Hey Mike,

I guess what I'm saying is that if you look at this thread, there is about 35 (or so) people replying. This number can represent the amout of people it would take to staff a 2 location coffee company (including part-time and fill-ins) AND including a handful of customers. So, let's say that all of us folks who replied work for or patron "Exchange Coffee" in Baristaville, USA. There is quite a mix of tastes here. If ownership let all of us play our favorites, it would be a mess.

Mike, pick your least favorite list from these replies. Now picture yourself working with that person everyday for 8 hours everyday. Work would kinda suck, huh? Not due to that persons personallity (they're probably an awesome person), work would suck because you had to suffer through a 2 hour set of DC Talk or whatever.

People make statements with music. I think that the musical statement of the business should be made by the person who started that business. If we as baristas support the beliefs and tastes of that shop owner, well then, we apply to work for them. If we don't, we stay away from that shop. The most succesful businesses have a clear indentity that attract like-minded individuals to support their clearly-defined mission.
Trey Gunn - "The joy of polypdenim"
Nine Horses - "snow borne sorrow"

and any miles davis album is great.

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