I am looking at perhaps getting toddy coffee for our iced coffees this summer.

Does anyone have experience/opinions on toddy coffee and the whole cold brew thing?

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The cold brewing makes excellent iced coffee. We use the filtron system in our coffee shop which is very similar to the toddy. You add cold water to 1 pound of coarsely ground coffee, let it sit for 12 to 24 hours and then drain it into a pitcher. They also have a tip and pour container that makes it very easy to dose. We use 2 ounces for a 12 ounce iced coffee, 3 ounces for a 16 ounce and 4 ounces for a 20 ounce. Very simple and tastes great. We have some customers who say they can't drink coffee because of the acidity and oils, but they have no problems with the cold filtered.
Hey Michael I was wondering about the filtron system how much does it make.
I think a pound of coffee makes about 1 liter of concentrate. You can check their website for more details - www.filtron.com. We bought the regular size, but wish I had ordered the commercial food service version. We cannot keep up with production on busy weekends!

I was just in Tucson for a wedding a few weeks ago...wish I had known where your shop is! I had some great shots at Wilko's right next to the university campus.
Well my shop isn't open yet probably by july. Did you try Caffe Luce 3 doors down from Wilco?

We also use the filtron system and it works great. It's easy to train your barista's on and the clean-up is easy (most important).
I didn't try that...my friend who was getting married is the owner of Wilko and that was all I had time for.
Good luck with opening the new shop!
That's awesome I'm getting married in one week....I didn't realize the owner was local I will have to give it a try.
Ask for Peter...really good peeps. Congrats on your wedding as well. I am engaged but taking our time with the actual plans...no big hurry!
the first shop i worked in used a toddy type brewing system for iced coffee. the filtron system looks almost just like a fancier version of what we used: We used a big bucket, with a spout on the bottom, and you placed the grounds in a big filter/net, tie off the top of the filter, fill up the bucket with water (i dont remember the exact amounts of grounds/water, unfortunately...) and let it sit for 24 hours. the next day, we would empty the coffee into various mismatched pitchers, lable it as "iced coffee concentrate", and refridgerate. we diluted it with water before serving it (again, i dont remember the amounts :/ i want to say it was half concentrate, half water)

the shop i currently work in, just brews hot coffee (stronger than normal), allows to cool, and then refridgerates.

at my first shop, i remember my manager telling me how toddy brewing is the best way to brew iced coffee, which at this point, it was my only experience with iced coffee so far. looking back, it also seems like customers had a better response to the iced coffee there vs where i work now.

moral of the story: i wish i had some iced coffee right about now :(
Before using the filtron, we just emptied the left over drip coffee into pitchers at the end of the day and poured that over ice. After testing the cold filtered version we were sold on the much better taste and our customers feel the same way!
that left over drip coffee thing sounds yuck....how did it work out for you?
Nobody ever complained, but I also didn't hear any compliments. Now we get several compliments a day, and who doesn't need that? We also go out of our way to sell it and explain all of the benefits which helps as well.

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