For all of those seasoned competitors out there, I'm seeking the tamper size for the upcoming NERBC competition. Do all the RBC's use LM Linea and if so, what is the professional preferred tamper size for your LM Linea? Of course, size does matter, basket size. So, do you bring your own baskets too?

Of course, I've read Mark's Article.

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I'm talking older than 5 years, I think.

It was definitely an LM basket, and my 58mm flat-bottom definitely fit past the ridge, and it does not on my newer LM basket (or on the LM baskets in competition).

I'm not saying I know the manufacturing dimensions. I'm just saying what I've experienced.
Thank you. So, if during practice time, someone has trouble one can request replacement baskets and hope that the replacement one is better than its predecessor?


I would go on the safe side, personally. But really, it depends on your dose. Higher doses don't need to be "safe" since the tamper will never hit the ridge. If you are a lower dose barista, then I'd play it safe.

I hit the ridge every single time for the coffee I used.
Does anyone use a staub tamp in a 58mm basket? Which tamper size do you prefer? I'm pretty set on a staub tamp to complement some sort of Stockfleth move, and, am considering a RB 57.6 cflat, but, only because I have undying love for whatever Mark Prince says. What do you think?
I think you'll be just fine with that tamper.

But, again. What sort of a dose are you planning to run?
Jason, sorry I forgot to include that. Presently, I'm consistently dosing 18 grams into a ridgeless double basket. I don't have a gram scale to get down to tenths of a gram, however, I like this coffee at this volume. While it's not the competition blend, it is similiar and from the same roaster.


Yeah.. you'll probably hit the ridge.

It didn't bother me as much as I thought it would, but it was a little annoying.

I was running a flat tamper, however, and the C-Flat may give a little extra buffering room.
Thanks Jason. I appreciate the encouragement. Maybe I'll pick your brain about signature drinks as I am getting mine ready.
Keep in mind, the La Marzocco standard doubles are "ridged" baskets.

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