If you are a Barista (which most of your are) when your espresso machine is right in front of you... Is your grinder to the left or right of the espresso machine? Where is your rinse sink? Does your under-counter frig. have hinges on the left or the right of the door. Do you like your current layout? Are you left or right handed?

Thank you for your help.

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Mark Engels said:
Thermometer calibration: place ice in a blender; add a bit of water. Process into a slush. Calibrate to 32°F.
Where are you? I have never heard of these brands... What kind of "krispy treats"?

North Carolina, USA. Sorry... don't know how to translate into Canadian, but here's a go...

On bar thermometers, we calibrate the hot end of the thermometer, then check the cold end. Vice-versa on the kitchen ones.

Interesting method with the blender... we usually just do lots of ice and water. Doesn't the blade damage the thermometer stem :).

Otis Spunkmeyer distributes Individually Quick-Frozen cookies, muffins, etc. Apparently they ship a small oven as part of their "starter pack"... it may be a little larger than a residential toaster/mini convection oven, but is designed for commercial. There are several available gently used for maybe $50US.

"Krispy treats" = "Rice Krispies" (or other) puffed rice cereal held together with a yummy solidified mixture of butter and melted marshmallows. The breakfast of champions when paired with a double espresso.
I have checked into Otis Spunkmeyer and Christi Cookies (popular by Double Tree Inns and are also sold through Sysco).

We will have a convection oven so we won't need the oven program if we go with Spunkmeyer.
I just need something small to warm the pastries and scones.

Scone: a delightful pastry that is somewhere in texture and taste between a biscuit and a muffin.
Okay, all you British and Canadians can chime in and correct me on that if you want. ~80)

Best scone ever tasted... at Epcot in the British pavilion during a High Tea. Scolloped edged rounds. Had a good one in the town near by... hand made triangular shaped.

Worst scone... here in town (Tullahoma, TN) it was like that had dropped muffin mix on a cookie sheet.
Mark Engels said:
Aaaaahhhhh... I get it.

Interesting about the calibration of one type to another thermometer.

In reality, it makes no difference... if the other end of any of them isn't right, the thermometer is broken and needs to be tossed. All our thermometers are the same, but we use the kitchen ones only to check the temp of cold stuff, the bar ones only to check hot stuff... and then mostly for reference anyway (training, "extra hot" lattes, and kids "hot" chocolate). Doesn't matter though... health inspector checks 'em all.
I prefer steaming on the right wand because our pass is to the right. In an ideal world, I would like to have a still and soda water fountain tap and a dipwell to the right of the machine. Underneath, I would like to have a handwash and multicompartment sink so that any quick washing or rinsing can be done without moving. Just dump the milk, wash the pitchers and dry. The grinders would be behind the bar so that we could have multiple baristas working the line. I've found that grinders to either side forces a barista to shuffle side to side and those setups require two sets of grinders to have multiple baristas - not very efficient. And while we'd have a stationary rubbish bin, the knockbox would be a free-floating bumper knockbox so that the working barista could position the box in the most ergonomically comfortable position while working the bar.

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