Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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water. cold, clear water...after a late morning of several shots of Borogove's Espresso Gitano. mmm good!
So far....Single Origin shots of-

Sumatra Blue Batak, Sumatra Lake Tawar, Ethiopia Limu...
Then some La Bella Vita Espresso
Then some strange blend of espresso we created randomly...

then WATER
Ethiopian Yergacheffe Idido Misty Valley Estate. Holy blueberry!
FTO Guatemala La Voz
This Morning I'm indulging in a wonderful shot glass of Espresso. Roasted to perfection of the great Northern Italian roasters. Filled with a delicate nuttiness, Sweet notes of semi sweet chocolate dried fruits, and a amazing balance of acidity with a wonderful finish. So very delicious. Only if I could just get one more of these, Oh yeah I can if I only stop telling you guys about it I'll go back to bar and indulge myself with the perfect art of extraction. Soooooo very nice.

See you on the other side.

Just Roastit
Mike Love
Woke up early today and brewed a melitta cup of Origins Peaberry Columbia La Rochela, which is an all woman run co-op. Excellent. Also, wife woke up and I made a french press of PT's Panama Elida Estate, which I believe placed 3rd in the best of Panama auction. Nice and chocolately (cocoa) and a bit spicy.

- Matt
A press pot of Panama Nectar and Aurora mixed together on the porch in front of a coffee plantation. I am dead and emailing from Heaven. In Heaven, we only drink Geisha.
a very fruity peruvian dark roast, not at all bad given I found it by accident.
Yemen. From Discovery Coffee, Victoria.
It's complete with rocks and sticks and bullet casings. (Okay, not really.)
And espresso. lots and lots of espresso.
Pressed India Mysore from Metropolis. Awesome semi-sweet chocolate/clove/tobacco aftertaste!
El Salvador Los Planes
2006 CoE
How youuu dooooin'?
Just cupped some lovely coffees from the Rwanda Golden Cup. We did the Koakaka #3, Murera #14 and Kinunu #?

All super nice and all showing their "Bourbon-ness" nicely with tons of caramel, lovely dried fruit, strawberry and sweet spice. Turbo charged beauties. I love Rwanda!

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