Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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tanzanian peaberry roasted by velo in chattanooga

brewed via press pot. delicious.

i'm drinking my (raus coffee) ethiopian yirgacheffee, michelle cooperative. yummm! like it much better in a french press than a drip ironically. the drip doesn't have as pronounced lemon.

Papua New Guinea Wahgi from Cafe Kubal, Syracuse, NY


Yirgh Bench Maji Bifu,barely second crack; Tanzanean Peabery,dark; Sumatra Mandehling.medium.Home roasted and blended after roasting.Moka Pot!

Cold brew. I made a batch of cold brew coffee that is made up of 50/50 Costa Rican & French roasted Sumatra
A blend of.. left over sample roasted gayo coffee (more than 5 different region i think)... taste so so :P
Breakfast Blend from Star Mountain Coffee also here in the Salt Lake Valley!
oneline coffee's guatemala huehuetenango finca la bolsa.
I'm drinking a SO Ethiopian roasted by "The Old Bald Guy" roasting company in Lowing Rock North Carolina. I agree with the first post that said coffee taste even better on vacation.
I can't type or the computer is trying to out think me again. "The Old Bald Guy" is in Blowing Rock not lowing rock.
Batdorf & Bronsen--Costa Rica (Tarrazu).  A nice, chill coffee for a nice, chill morning.

The last of my bag from Elsalvador finca Matalapa Guayabo. Smuggled it from L.A to northern saskatchewan. Love it. That and I'll be cracking some decaf Tortuga from Intelligentsia for tonight once I've had far too much caffeine and dont' want to stop drinking coffee.


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