Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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well today i am enjoying a nice cup of Nicaragua at work this fine morning
Brazil Fazenda Esperanca, that I roasted early yesterday, on the siphon. Freakin' yummy stuff.

I'm also experimenting with a couple of new espresso that I roasted last week. Testing a cappa as I type.
Nice almond and citrus notes, some chocolate deeper in the cup. All in all, a good day!
It has been a long week already (and its only Wednesday) so desperate I was for some good coffee this morning. I french pressed (sounds sexy) some freshly roasted Sumatran Aceh super grade coffee, that we just got in! Wow - Big butterscotch tones, a thick syrupy mouth feel, superb clarity - not like any other Sumatran I have ever tried before. Awesome cup character - really unique, Mikey likes it!
Way too much freaking coffee! Hands are shaky,dehydrated, and mild hysteria.
This morning I am sipping a very beautiful Cerro Paldo. It is a light roast by PT's which won first place as the 2007 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence. "A very complex coffee, with honey, spice and caramel in the aroma. In the cup, the caramel and spice notes come to the forefront, yet this coffee is still incredibly balanced."
Just a nice Cafe D'art TAORMINA®. It is one of my "frozen" staples for when i am out of a sweet spot roast. I keep it in the freezer and grind frozen. It keeps for a looong time.
It has a nice smokey taste and no "burn't" overtone. Not one to brag about, but a reasonable cup.
Ecco Caffe Experimental Espresso #5
Lovely cocoa and sweet dried cranberry notes.
Ethiopian Sidamo Morodecofe - French Press.
Gobs of tangerine sweetness, nestling between relucent clouds of choco genache and toasted almonds. Out of sight!
the always outstanding- El Salvador, Finca Los Planes Pacamara! It's love in my cup!
ah dude!
we just got in the el sal coe #12, and its the bee knees!
Jeff Taylor said:
the always outstanding- El Salvador, Finca Los Planes Pacamara! It's love in my cup!
This Gunung Bulu Merah, an Arabica from Western Timor. Extreme fruits that ooze through out of the cup....
A giseng (maccha americano) from Uji, Kyoto, Japan. A Yabukita, Okamidori split. Harvested in June, stone ground in July. Impeccably clean finish, with a luxurious texture. So good I told my mom.......bang //

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