Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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I start out my day with an espresso blend by the marks at carrboro coffee company consisting of colombia sierra nevada full city roast and french roast with some sumatra thrown in at a brazil roast and then to top it all off a bit of tanzania peaberry to give it a firecracker (here and then gone before you even fully realize it is there) acidity on the finish.

after that I switch to an organic mexico chiapas grown by our lovely friends the zapatistias.
Guatemala Nahuala.
I am enjoying two cups at the same time...NEW CROP Ethiopia Biloya Selection #1 in my left hand and Selection #8 in my right. Still forming my opinions of the new crop coffees. We just roasted our first production roasts of these coffees yesterday and they're amazing! When I say "Production" roasts, I mean 5lb roasts! Gotta keep'm small and fresh baby! Cupped out at 94 and 93.5 respectively! YUM!

I started the morning out with a shot of Toddy Coffee over ice with Jet Tea's Neutral Dairy base, a scoop of protein powder & a spoonful of peanut butter blended up for my breakfast (hey, its better than a bowl of cereal!) Followed that up with a cup of French Press Tanzanian Peaberry & now Im working on a drip cup of Tanzanian Peaberry to finish up the Tanz beans I have. That means tomorrow will probably be a Guatemalan.
Guatemala Finca La Felicidad - Antigua! Yum! Very nice cup! Antigua is Back!
ethiopia longberry Harrar, we were sad to see Sidamo passed on by our roasters this year but delighted to see the return of the Harrar.
Pachamama from Prodecoop in Nicaragua... a super "fair" coffee from my good friends from Esteli.
an amazing glass of cold Straus family creamery milk. So sweet and summer grass. delicioso
This morning new crop Java Pangalengang. Not from the traditional powerhouse sub origins of Central or East Java, but rather from West Java. Intense (REAL INTENSE) chocolate fudge, good body- nice drop.
counter culture Panama E. also killer!!!
From Ogawa Coffee Comapny of Kyoto, Japan I am enjoying an organic coffee; Ethiopia and Nicaragua blend.

The coffee is very aromatic with nice bright and lush fruit acidity and a clean, stable finish.
Green Mountain Special Reserve from Chajul in Guatemala -- great coffee!!!

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