Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Breakfast: Ethiopian Ghimbi Wollega (barefoot) capp (clover milk)
Lunch: Ethiopian Yirg. Konga Co-op (ecco) french press
Dinner: Rwanda Humure AA (barefoot) machiatto (strauss milk)
Today is a riddle, I am drinking 45 El Salvadoran coffees! I must be really thirsty, or ...
This morning I dove into the bag of Hairbender that just arrived- now 4 days off roast. It showed up with the Tega and Tula Ethiopian from Stumptown.
A couple Hairbender macchiatos and a nice pour-over (working on my skills) to start the day... I should be good for a couple hours. This is shaping up to be a damn fine Monday.
I am happily quaffing "Paradise Roaster's "Classico." Today as a desert Macchiato.
Today I enjoyed some Organic Colombian Mesa de los Santos and some Ethiopian Harrar Horse from my company's roasterie in Dayton Ohio. I AM WIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fourshots Inteligentsia's Black Cat, on the rocks, hmmm.
A hodge-podge espresso blend that I threw together. A yirg sample, a sidamo sample, a little PNG sigri, and a little El Salvador SHG guadelupe.

On occasion, I do these random blends that I think might work. I've only had one failure so far, so I might be onto something.

In any case, this one's good.
mmm, a really nice mexican roast. i love the fruity undertones of this roast. and yes coffe does always taste better on vacation
I always think it tastes better when someone else makes it. That never really happens, though. Not unless I'm visiting friends who are also coffee fanatics. Those are always the best cups I've ever had up to that point in time.
A wonderful sample of Ethiopian Harrar provided by a very nice shipper from Ethiopia while at the SCAA conference. Very nice chocolate and berry characters
Daterra Santa Colomba single origin double cappuccino.

This one is probably one of the better capps I've had in awhile.
San Jose El Yalu, Guatemala Coe #3

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