Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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mmm...PT's Gizmo Espresso- deep rich and chocolaty with a hint of citrus in the finish :) Makes my mouth happy!
I blended Costa Rican and Kenyan today and it wasn't very good, oh well better luck next time.
Honestly, it doesn't sound like it would be very good. lol
Brandon Gott said:
I blended Costa Rican and Kenyan today and it wasn't very good, oh well better luck next time.
My bosses secret stash of Vivace....Cubano-style.
Cafe Bonito - Ethiopian Sidamo Organic
I'm out of any Batdorf & Bronson single origin for the week, so I've been going back to the blend - Dancing Goats. I'm loving it and forgot how wonderful a balanced coffee blend can taste.
J.P. Oughtred said:
Folgers instant arabica. Smooth, gritty, with citrus caramel notes. I brewed it on the stove by boiling water and throwing loose grounds in the pot. Then I used my girlfriends pasta strainer to make the perfect cup. Deep and delicious.

Now that's just twisted. I think I just lost my appetite... why does scent memory have to be so vivid?

Hey, I got the 300th post? Better actually contribute then, eh.
Started with Dilworth Organic Sumatra Aceh Gayo Mtn. A little old (3 weeks out of roast), but still decent.
Dilworth Brazil Conquista - chocolate city.
Red Hook ESB - its just too easy.
Panama Hartmann Honey from Gimme. . .a nice change of pace from my favorite mid-western roasters.
SO Espresso - Sulawesi Sapan-Minanga. 198F, ristretto pull. Great body, cocoa, earthy spice, plum and raisin.
A winner as an SO.
Kenya Ngunguru from Stumptown. Fruity, like fruit loop coffee (in a good way). Kind of reminds me of the fruity pebble capps at USBC.
(Australian) High Trees Estate Organic Rainforest Blend in the French . Super smooth....:-)

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