Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Just pulled myself a double ristretto of Barington's Espresso Blend at Joe: The Art of Coffee in Manhattan.
Three day old home roasted Ethiopian Korati. Not as good as SM's that I had before but still a bit of blueberry pie.
An Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from a local roaster here in Sitka, AK. As a newer roaster, I find this to be one of his best. Been brewing it in a press pot and pulled shots today as well. Originally had issues with the press pot, probably with my grind; I just didn't get the floral aroma or citrus taste as it was described. Made for a really mellow espresso with milk.
Have been drinking on that El Sal Yellow Bourbon and it's freakin' killer. Cracks me up how much better this roast has come out than ones in the past. I didn't weigh the beans prior to roasting or after and my thermometer needs batteries so it was all just sight, sound, smell. Makes sense that it turned out so well, I had to pay a lot closer attention, but still...

Anyway, I've run it through the Chemex, FP, and as SO 'Spro, and I like the 'Spro best so far (figures). I think a vac pot is due...
After hanging out last night with friends.....nothing but Ames' finest. WATER =P Although there is a Yergachaffe that's calling my name later
An Ecuadorian coffee from Allegro in Colorado. Delicious.
Bryan Wray said:
... I decided to use Squirt (citrus soda) instead of soda water today and added a couple wedges each of lemon and lime to the drink. Double shot pulled over-top of 2 ounces or so of Squirt, wedge each of lemon and lime in the drink, wedge of each on the rim, couple of ice cubes...

Proof positive that we'll try espresso in just about anything on a slow afternoon? Seriously, WTF?
I just received my MVP Espresso 2009 by Paradise Roasters, the idea was thought up by H-B and Aaron Meza @ Paradise Roasters to reward the Most Valued Poster on the site by working with the poster to develop a new roasted blend. It is awesome. I am a poor one to give cupping notes but it is sweet, fruity and a real surprise as either an espresso or a macchiato.
In a way it reminds me of the SM Korati as to the strength of the fruit. I pulled it ristretto on a Cremina and after two days of rest it is great.
This morning I brewed an Aricha lot 26 Yirg. on a tabletop siphon and it made me shiver with joy.
I'm cycling around a little bit right now. Finishing off the El Salvador Yellow Bourbon I roasted last week that I posted on earlier. I'm also drinking some of Intelli's Yirg which is fantastic and also some Brazil Yellow from SM that I roasted up two days ago. Trying all of them all sorts of ways (Chemex, Vac, 'Spro...). The Brazil is surprisingly tasty.
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe form Novo Coffee in Denver, CO. Check them out if you haven't all ready.
Intelligentsia Kenya, Nyeri, Chemex brew @ Method in ATL. Nice, clean, citrus, something that reminds me of black tea.. maybe the lemon.

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