Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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A recent delivery (arrival) of Sumatra Mandheling Gr. 1 - The coffee is rich and complex with a deep resonant body and distinct buttery character and a very pleasant touch of spice and red fruit on the aftertaste. This is my ideal as an afternoon or evening single-origin brew.
Just for kicks and giggles, we tried Caribou's new "Mahogany" blend. It's really dark, and not really anything special. Tastes like an average French roast, maybe Yemen Mocha and Sumatra. They say is has notes of cocoa and caramel, and I didn't get either. I got wood, burnt marshmallow, maybe ash. I didn't care for it, at all. Definitely like their "Obsidian" better.
Ancora's Red Sea Blend... deeelish.
A grande double hazelnut Latte-in a paper cup because glass is banned next to the P.C. cause Ive knocked too many on the floor and had them break.
A fresh, light roasted, french pressed cup of the Guatemalan Finca Vista Hermosa . I'm using a filtered water that's bringing out so incredibly much sweetness. Best way to start a Monday morning for sure.
Some PNG Sigri via Americano. Roasted yesterday.
For breakfast, a lush certified organic direct trade Sidamo roasted by Jake's Java a few miles south of here. For lunch, a trad Black Cat capp. For dinner, Glenfiddich.
This morning...a brewed cup of Cresecent Moon Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend (RA Certified). A weel rounded coffee with nice caramel notes, black cherry and apricot, and a pleasent slightly sweet aftertaste. Nice!
This morning, our Org. Papua New Guinea. Syrupy sweet, deep chocolate notes, clean, Mmmmm....good.
nicaragua flor azul from intelly. it's all sugar and citrus, i posted a full tn on my blog.
A lovely washed Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Full City roasted by myself, brewed in a Bodum Santos. Nice caramel toffee flavours coming out at the slightly darker profile, city+ it has more fruit notes.
Finca El Molino Orange Bourbon from PT's. Just received a batch today & spent some QT trying to get the Clover locked in.

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