this is rhetorical:

My coworker, Janice*; is a barista.

I am a baristo.

We are baristi.

Yes? No?


Why not?

Talk amongst yourselves.

--EDIT-- 05/06/2008
for clarity - and the title "Barista"

I'd like to know what YOU think of the phrase...

if you're fine with 'barista' that's awesome - but that is not what I'm interested in; but how you feel about it... how do you perceive yourself in that title and how do you project yourself - in any title - toward the public from behind the bar? to your friends? to your colleagues? etc. etc.

can we be more than 'barista'?

--EDIT-- 06/03/2008

I'm not talking about gender-role, I'm talking title; I'm not talking pay, I'm talking perception; I'm not talking about YOU, I'm talking WE.

*not a real person

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we are devo.
are we not men? ;)


but really, barista sounds a bit feminine to me; was thinking that maybe we could blur the lines a little...?
Me: Coffeetaster!

You: be whatever you want to be!

Coffee Chef
Coffee Bartender
Espresso Extractor
Cappuccino Creator
Coffee Guru
Portafilter Phenom
Latte lotherio

Most titles are gender neutral. This should provide you with direction.
it is the norm for women to be referred to in male occupational nouns, so perhaps the term "barista" is just what we need to "blur the lines".

but, then again, the word "barista" has been adopted into the english language and is no longer subject to the rules of the italian language. what letter the word ends with holds no special meaning in this language.
Senor Steffens,

I personally prefer 'Caffeine Pusher'.

Is Janice really Jeff Webre from Trabant Coffee?
I think I'm leaning toward 'Espresso Slinger'

umm... I have no idea what you mean in regards to Janice being Jeff...

enlighten me?
Well, I'm assuming the term is Italian, and we are not in Italy, so it's hard to say what anyone would be called in Italy, but here in America we all just stick to the plain terms of barista for an individual and baristas for a group of.
oh, Janice - from my original postulation... haha...

that was the first name that came to mind when I whipped up this rhetorical query. Don't read too deep into it. ;)
I am feeling less than 100% American these days, and have come to reject many of the generalizations that fill me with ire - "barista" has slowly, but surely, become one of those broad-sweeping terms that agitate my sense of personal sovereignty.

call me conceited. ;)
I agree. Anytime I meet new people and they ask what I do, I tell them I am a barista. They almost ALWAYS ask, "You work for Starbucks?! Me too!"

I personally feel this is a contributing factor to us wanting to be referred to something else other than what Starbucks calls their employees.

Espresso Slinger is starting to grow on me.
The comparison to Starbucks is sheer ignorance and shouldn't drive anyone to devalue their craft by reducing it to a title comprised of slang terminology.

Maybe that's just me.

I do agree, however, that "Barista" has been fully integrated into the English language and is non-subject to Italian linguistic rule.

If we were speaking Italian, on the other hand...

But since we're not, I'm a "barista." You're a "barista." We are "baristas."

This is almost as bad as tall, grande, venti, for crying out loud. ;o)
well, I am "at-risk-urban-youth" (j.k) - but it's in my nature to take what I perceive as public eminence and knock it down a peg to make it accessible while still delivering the goods at the top level...

... in regards to distinguishing myself from the idea of what "barista" means to the public connotation; the term "Espresso Slinger" is hypocritical - but it creates a jocular atmosphere that belies my serious coffee skillz...


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