Is anyone familiar with barista pay in Manhattan? Can someone give me some current numbers? I'm wondering what baristas are making per hour. Also, if anyone is a barista in Manhattan, what are some of your benefits? What benefits would you be looking for if you switched jobs? If anyone can give me any color on Manhattan pay, that would be great.

Secondarily, is anyone familiar with Manhattan non-barista coffeeshop pay (i.e., cashiers)? If so, please let me know if you have any info.

Thanks. Cheers.

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Good topic John! I too am interested as we have a couple other clients in the NYC area who are asking the same questions.
Thanks. Yes, I'm familiar with minimum wages. I'm assuming cashiers and baristas here in Manhattan are making a premium over minimum wage; I'm just trying to figure out what that premium is.
Okay, assuming barista's in NY make close to or minimum wage on average. How do you (NY barista's) survive? i.e. rent, food, entertainment. I just got off craigslist NY and rent prices are pretty expensive.
I think most of us have roommates, and live in brooklyn. although one of my barista friends lives in queens. finding a cheap place off craigslist is very difficult. odds are better if you crash as someones house for a month when you first move here, then put the word out to everyone you meet that you are looking for a place.

food and entertainment are paid for with tips.

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