I'm shopping for a POS. There are too much room for error with debit/credit and the old casio. Any input on good/bad features or products? Thanks!
p.s. I prefer mac laptops and would like something compatible. Am I shooting myself in the foot?

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POS on a Mac? Shooting yourself in the foot? YES.

Die hard Mac user here. Been using Apple computers since the Apple IIplus first came out. That said, there is currently no Mac-based POS that is worth bothering with or using.
Check these guys out. I have used these fellows for a year now and they are reliable with excellent service. This is a separate computer all in itself.
Hi Mark, I'd love to talk to you about the POS if you have a chance. We cater to the coffee / cafe industry and ahve a great POS. There are some other threads discussing this around here as well.

Let me know if you would like to talk.
Thanks for starting this thread Mr. Mark. I probably would have purchased the casio again... The programming and reprinting the button interface was not fun as I recall (we had a casio at the shed). I'm hooking up Jimmy's Coffee this week with some money-taking device. Let us know where you've gone since your first post.
Missing you all at The Post, smash
Mark, first off I will say I have been very happy using Coffee Shop Manager for over a year now and have not looked back. If you have any tech skills you could put one togather for much less than the 5k it cost us. Talk around to all vendors with a POS package and read the fine print. The software is not very expensive. They ususlly want to sell you a turn key package which will include a annual maintaince / upgrade support package. It is over 400 a year for this one so we had to let the support part go. I would never try and run a coffee shop with out a POS system. It does it all for you with very little learning curve. Feel free to ask me questions.
Forget Mac for business solutions. Not built for that function. Don't be conserned about the platform being PC based at this time.
Hi, I was also very happy with Coffee Shop Manager Software and the company support & service. I've closed my shop and have the "Latte" package for sale now for $3,500. It's been listed on Barista Exchange for about a month (I'm really surprised about that given that the new system costs like $5,195 brand new) It's under two years old.
If you are interested give me a call 206-419-6189 or email me. I've just listed it on eBay so you can check it out there as well.
A picture of the actual system is attached.

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