I have been wanting to just travel to some coffee farm that is safe and other fun things to do. Learn about the process and see the coffee plant first hand (besides looking at my potted ones on my shelf). I also wanted to make a group trip out of it, that way everyone learns alot. I think here at the 'Exchange' we could get a nice group together and make something great of it.

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Pablo, I would love to visit you. Most definitely, I would want to stay with a family if possible. I want to experience life with your culture, not a 5star American vacation. My budget is small, but I will scrape whatever necessary. I will travel with my wife, but I suspect I should leave my 4 year old daughter at home. She is quite ready for the trip, but I would not want her in danger in any way. Is a week reasonable for the trip? What is the best time for the trip?
I do think it is a good idea to meet up with other folks from this list & go as a group, what do you think about that?
Indeed Ken it is better if we are talking about a group, for several reasons. More than anything else we reduce costs and I think a week for a coffee tour is good enough. We can do Antigua and Atitlan coffee region indeed. Yeah a trip for a 4 year old can be rough, regarding security you dont have to worry as I have me own security team indeed. A good time is from April through June, after June the rainny season starts. The best for you guys is to live the ENTIRE COFFEE CULTURE OF GUATEMALA. check my site so you can see some more about the plantation www.kafesguatemala.com
I take it everyone replying to this so far is based in the US or already in South America somewhere? I've just looked up flights... and OW, basically. Like, £750 ($1400?) from London!!
Not entirely overly expensive, I paid 1020 for round trip to south america last summer. And I flew from Texas, which is considerably closer.
Idea: Perhaps if we get a large enough crowd that will not back out, we can perhaps make some type of "bulk" deal with some airline for plane tickets. I think the biggest thing right now is tickets. If you look below we have been talking to Pablo Castaneda, and I think so far he would be great to work with.

Thought: When are we wanting to go besides "NOW"? Do we want to scramble for this summer or make everything smooth sailing for summer 2009?
This will be the best as well to reduce logistic costs regarding trasportation and so on. I was going to tell you I can even provide references from people from the U.S. that knows me and they liked the way I workd regarding tour and coffee business indeed.

take care bro
Yea I would to hear more about you and what exactly you do.
If you go in the summer of '09, it will give me plenty of time to prepare for a trip. I feel if we did anything this year, it should be in the latter part of the year. Sounds good, I'm on board. Not sure if bulk tickets would work, though, since most of us are in several different places.
I haven't flown too much but is there not one big airline that travels everywhere? Or even owns different airlines?
hey man I think it will be good if you go to my companie's website so you get to know more about what I do as a coffee company.


I recommend www.spiritair.com to travel to Guatemala. it depends where u are flying from indeed.
Regarding business recommendations you can contact www.acadiacreative.com this company and KG , we are putting together and entire business marketing plan for a new Hotel in Guatemala, where we are going to do what you guys are planning to do regarding a coffee plantation visit. They are going to visit Guatemala as well, to take a tour I will give them as part of this venture.

take care guys

erm... ??? Now wouldn't that be nice. You can probs book the whole trip through a travel agent which'll cost more cos take a cut. Or you can book direct with the airlines if you know where you're going. I use STA travel which does more adventurous stuff, but only for students or people under 26! If I came from Britain (and needing to avoid the US) the cheapest route is to go from London to Toronto, down to Mexico and then to Guatemala, which takes over 24 hours and at least two airlines.

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