Looking for a 3 or 4 group linea in good condition/reconditioned. Prefer it to be in BC or WA. As far away as OR if I have to but I'd prefer to stay closer to home. I'd like to see it working, try it out...You know. Currently using a 2 group but the bar wants more. If you know of anyone who has one, let me or them know.

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There is one currently for sale here on bx. Go to Forum, and there is a section for classifieds. A Marzocco Linea for 3,000. Pretty good price...
Hope this helps,
Thanks Zach. I think you're talking about the one in Portland...It's about 250 miles too far away to make it easy! You're right about the price. I think it's a 4 group. I'll cruise the clasaifieds again to see if it's another listing.
Contact Brian Conroy on bx or through espresso contractors www.marzoccoman.com. I purchased some refurbed 3 groups that look brand new. I was selling the 4 group and it is gone as of Friday so I gotta take that post down.
Dan, I'm also in the market for a 3 group linea, either an AV or EE. I'd love to get a used one in great shape that's backed by some kind of guarantee. I read this post earlier and have since been looking for info about this company. I haven't been able to find any kind of account of purchasing from them, aside from what you wrote here. Can you write a little more about your experience with them and the machines that you've bought? I'm several thousand miles from Seattle, and worry that it's a bit too good to be true. Thanks!
I am very interested in those...Probably worth the shipping for me.
The guy seriously has about 50 machines that are all defunct sitting in his workshop in the back of his house. He takes a machine, uses the guts, runs thorough tests, replaces anything not up to par, or not looking good. And he stands behind his work! Mine has a bunch of new stainless. He really does a good job. Let me know if you are serious and I will find out if he has any ready to go right now. What is your timeline?
I would like to know if he has any 3 group EE for sale and how much I might be interested in one. And do they come with any sort of warranty or anything?
Do the EE and AV machines look any different? I'm assuming the auto has more (useless!) keys on the front.
mostly 4 group. He does get other things from time to time, but usually 4g linea.
AV has way more buttons...

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