My current dilemma i s that i am not a math whiz and have no way of knowing if our drip practices are the best. At my shop we currently brew 3 Liter air pots basically full, with .36lbs of ground coffee. I have been assured by our roaster that this is ideal, but I get a handfull of complaints every week that the coffee is "mud" or "to damn strong" I also feel that compared to a press, or cupping of these same coffees, our drip does seem concentrated, an lacking subtleties. like the hints of grapefruit in a Kenya, or blueberries in an ethiopia etc. So if this is how it is or should be or if I am doiong something wrong please set me straight.

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Justin -

#1 research the golden cup standards at the SCAA.

The ratio, as I know it is 3.25 - 4.25 ounces of fine grind coffee to 64 ounces of water at 200 F. Your water should be neutral pH with no strong flavors or aromas.

If your coffee is too strong, you are either using too much coffee or it is ground too fine.

The golden cup standards are on the SCAA website, and should give you some direction.

Or - you can always consult with the brewer manufacturer.
It may depend on the type of brewer as well. We use 3.8 oz of fine grind. for 64 oz 200 F...with a Fetco double brewer...It is heaven. Is the roaster trying to get you to use more coffee, cause he sells it to you...HMMM???
Thank you for weighing in on this one guys, We grind for a flat bottom filter, which is relatively coarse, brew at 200 degrees, I guess I just need to get a calculator and figure out volume, and mass, stuff to see if it needs tweaking.
My roaster has ALWAYS preached...."Taste First" It is the most important thing. Definitely try a finer grind, you may get more from it. Document all changes and only change one thing at a time. So you can pinpoint things better. I liked the idea of talking with the manufacturer...We switched from a standard double curtis brewer to a Fetco double Extractor...Wow, what a difference we saw. Pre-infusion is huge, so it covers the grinds with tons of water.
Good Luck,
Just to clarify, these are weights, correct? My boss here seems to think our roaster was suggesting that it was a volume measurement, like I was supposed to be using a measuring cup or the like. She went on to say many ppl mean volume of beans, which I think is nuts if it is true. My preffered method of measuring is using a scale. So when I hear 5.5Oz I am thinking 0.344lbs is that correct?
Yes, by weight.
thank you...I felt like I had been taking crazy pills, this morning I dialed back the dose a tiny bit and turned the grind a notch finer, and it produced a delicious pot of Intelligentsia's Nicaragua Los Delerios. Thank you all for your on-going tech support.

Please let us know what you customers have said about the change in brew profile, assuming they noticed.....
Yeah, one suggestion. Sell it. Tell your regulars and those that have commented on the sludge that you have dialed it in and are coming closer to the perfect ratio. Remember, you are the expert. Remind them of that, and you will get tons of respect.

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