I wanna know the best pickup lines you've ever heard from across the bar or that you've thought up to use from behind the bar. I will start us off with a few examples.

Can I buy you a cup of coffee sometime?

Wow, your forearm is so defined, you must tamp real hard.

Is that a portafilter in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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hey wanna show me how to grind sometime......
I'd tap that ... (speaking of the portafilter after grinds distribution of course)
Would you like a shot in the dark?
How about a French kiss? (one of our flavored drinks naturally)
Wanna bar back me?
you have nice cup sizes.
Too easy..."do you get whipped?"
you can can press me anytime... [referencing french pressing]

i love how you grind
working bar, i took the drink ticket once, set it on the counter, and told the girl that they put her name and drink order on the ticket but forgot to put her number on it. Handed her a pen and went right back to making her drink. I love working bar :) it's so much easier to get a date then working POS.
Could I play with your knockbox???
hey can i wipe your wand?
best line I have had was by this sweet guy who kept coming in the store every shift I worked and hung out and talked to me. One day when he was paying for his cup and a pound to take home, he asked if I would like to go to lunch sometime. I said "no I'm sorry I don't date customers." He responded without delay "well I guess I won't come in any more." I had no come back for it. Yes I did go on a date and had a great time. I later met my husband because of him. Thanks Brian!

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