I am really excited about some new features to be released on Barista Exchange! Below are some of what will be released Monday night.

* Mass Uploader for Photos, Videos, and Music/Podcasts
* Blog Improvements
* A Music Player Facelift (including pop out players)
* The Option to Feature Members on the Main Page of your Network
* Higher Video Quality

Barista Exchange will be offline from 11pm to Midnight to Pacific time, sorry.

- Matt

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So these new features have been released. Feel free to try them out!
i'm still waiting for the barista exchange dating service. just think - we could breed the ultimate barista! we could begin by assessing our strengths and weaknesses, pairing sexually compatible baristas just like we would blend beans for our espresso.

things to consider:
- is cleanliness on the bar a dominant or recessive gene?
- how do we test for taste bud density?
- is carpal tunnel syndrome hereditary? what are the legal and ethical consequences of including or excluding individuals from the BBP (barista breeding program) according to their wrist structure?

what do you think, matt? when should we start overnighting our toenail clippings to you for DNA analysis?
let's start on the 32nd of Nevuary ... :)

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