So, I've been thinking about a way to share cafe management tips and tricks, documents. etc. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had access to inventory documents, ordering sheets, scheduling spreadsheets, great ways to save money, training tests, checklists, or employee incentive plans? I think so. Any thoughts on how this might work?

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I would be in of sharing information...just let me know.
I'm always up for sharing!
I don't know how you could organize the info, but I could make some major donations!
Okay, so there is an interest here...Structure seems the tricky thing. Should categories be created. Such as inventory...Barista training ideas...should we just randomly upload files for the taking?
I think having categories would be best.
Take a look @ my discussions about competing with the chains. I started a similar sharing concept for marketing. Take a look & tell me what you think. I can do the same thing with these documents. I mentioned {I think} to Matt we should have an ftp location here where we can freely upload & download these items. I don't know if it would get out of hand or not.
I mentioned it to matt as well. I know he is pretty dang busy...patience, I guess...thanks.Z
With every repsonse to this page, you are able to upload files as well ... not sure if we need an entire section, but maybe this post can be the start? i think the file size limit is 20MB ...

- Matt
First day on board. I am very interested and can contribute.
I am really interested in sharing barista certification programs. I've sent specific messages to a couple of people who have not replied, but, they don't know me, so, I don't know what to expect. I think sharing standards for this area to be significantly important to overall development of the industry.

Of course, coupled with a good program to market those skills and products is the path to proliferation of craft.

I have some schedules, some End of Shift Checklists, Employee Handbook, etc, that I would be happy to share. Does anyone use Google docs? If possible, it might be good to share, edit and collaborate there, rather than have many versions floating isolated on separate posts.

Anyway, my thoughts.

Ben I have an elaborate handbook I created when I first opened 2 years ago. It is in dire need of editing, but I would be willing to share it with you. I would like access to the doc once you have changed it to meet your needs. Google docs sounds cool, but honestly I know nothing about it.

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