Who are you and what do you roast on?
My name is Steve Kessler and I'm a roaster/customer service rep for Espressions Coffee Roastery in Phoenix, AZ. I roast on a 25kilo Probat.

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Hey Steve, thanks for kicking off the discussion. I'm Ryan Knapp from Moon Monkey Coffee Company in Bourbonnais, IL. I roast on a YM10 Ambex.
Ryan, thanks for the reply! How far is Bourbonnais from Rockford, IL?
It's about 2 hours south east of Rockford and only an hour south of downtown Chicago.

Familiar with the Rockford area?
Yes. I'm originally from Milwaukee, WI. I lived in Beloit, WI for about 5 years so I'm familiar with Rockford, South Beloit, Etc. Man I miss the midwest!!! Are you going to the SCAA '08 show in MN?
Yeah, I'm planning on it. I just need to get registered. You going to be there?
So far I am. I guess it depends on how things go the next couple of months. After that, I'm planning a trip back to WI in June.
Ok here goes. My Name is Steve Leighton. I run a micro roastery in Stafford UK called Has Bean. I roast on a 2 kg Ambex, a 5 kg Ambex a 15kg Ambex and the most recent addition a 25kg Probat.
Welcome to the group Steve! How are liking the Probat?
Its taking a bit of getting used to. I liken it to driving an oil tanker, and trying to get around a rally course :)
I roast on two 25 lb San Fransiscan's. It seems more like a Subaru Impreza when I think of Ralley driving. A great ride!
Sure machines a great build but I find the bigger the roaster, the harder the profiling. the smaller roasters are far more responsive to smaller changes. Its tougher to frag it around the corners of the course than the smaller roasters.

This is getting weired now I'll stop :)
I would agree. We have a 1 lb San Franciscan as well for sample roasting and it certainly takes more attention and therefore room for experimentation. Like the old Mini Cooper in the car rally (sorry, couldn't help myself). I need to get back roasting on those big San Franciscans


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