We just opened our shop in November and we thought we had made a good decision on the POS system we chose. But we have had a lot of problems with it. So we need to figure out how we can return it. I would like to get feedback from other coffee shop owners and managers on which POS system works well and for a reasonable price. Thanks for your help!

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Glad to hear your ringing endorsement. So, you can logon remotely to download reports? Hmm... That's helpful. Does the system fully integrate with Quicken? Let me know. If it does, does it work well? Any problems? If not, what do you use as your financial system and how do you extract data from it?
I use QuickBooks and yes, I can download the data directly to the software. It takes a few minutes to set up - but it works.

Ah - the POS software does not automatically do remote login, I use a program to log into the back-end computer (running the POS) then log into the software as if I were sitting in front of the machine.
Thanks Shaun. Mighty helpful. I'll put this POS system on my short list. I emailed the company to get more information sent to me.
has anybody ever used quickbooks pos?
i have to admit with you that there is NOT a lot of VERY good softwrae out there for retailers. a lot of it is BUGGY and it feels like its written so unprofessionally, by people who dont realy have a business bottom line in mind.

first, DONT go for a free/cheap system. You're wasting your time, and eventually, you'll crash your system, and have to REWRITE your product databsae (wasting TONS of time)

second, DONT go for a linear system. Go for a graphical oriented system, NOT intuit quickbook, microsoft pos or myob pos.

so your choices are Radiant Systems Aloha, or ChikPOS. The price of ChikPOS means the Aloha system simply SUCKS (it's double the price, and half the features!)

if you dont believ eme look at the chikpos features:
1. Multi-language: Not so much a benefit for English-speaking countries, but say in Hong Kong Disneyland, where tourists are English-speaking, but staff only speak Chinese, dual language support means your staff can communicate with customers more easily. It takes away the pain of “language problems”.
2. Superior business reports: Whereas most software will offer “business reports”, “decision-oriented reports” will help a managers make decisions. It takes away the pain of understanding complex business reports (such as ratios), and tells the manager what to do!
3. Hardware lock: A lot of very good software is locked to hardware. As an off-the-shelf product, this supports all general POS hardware. It takes the pain out of hardware/software compatability.
4. Terminal prompt: All Personal Computers are GUI’s (graphical user interfaced), so why shouldn’t POS software be? It takes the pain out of typing, so that staff can work more effectively and efficiently
5. External monitor support/HD video support: It can now display 1920 x 1080 Full HD Blu-ray quality video. It takes the pain out of convincing customers your store is up-to-date. You can also now replace the expensive display pole with similarly priced high definition screens!
6. XBRL support: Already mandated by the U.S.A Government, this is soon to become an Australian standard too. This will take the pain out of complying with costly accounting standards.
7. Online store support: Supports automatic generation of an online store, which thus as a CRM can allow reviews, show top sellers, online brochures, online orders, mass email, club cards. This will take the pain of “going online”.
8. Related products: Shows reltaed products. This will take the pain out of advertisers selling complementary (also known as “networked”) products.
9. Corporate chat support: Allows employees to find help through chat, rather than using voice-over speaker. Takes the pain out of distracting other workers, who may not need to know the “shout” information.
10. Customer information support: Why let customers guess the time whilst in store, and guess the news, of what’s happening in the outside world? CIS will provide customers with time-critical information such as these. Takes the pain out of losing customers who are time-bound.

ChikPOS has been fantastic. I've had NO problems with it whatsoever. It's a Jeremy Shum Invent so its a quality Aussie product too - helping the economy. The features are also endless... multi-language support, managerial decision making reports, not locked to hardware, fully multi-touch (like iphone), external monitor support, xbrl compliant, auto-generation of online store, can advertise "related products", corporate chat support, show time/date/news on external screen... it's just top stuff. AND it's Windows 7 compatible!
Just wanted to add my 2 cents. We have had a selby soft system for two years, and just recently opened a second location and purchased the same system again. I would strongly recomend selby soft to any one. They have always resloved all issues in a timely manner all software companies charge for support and a least when dealing with selby soft my experience has always been postive. If they do not answer the phone right away they always call back quickly. The gift card program works well and does not have a per swipe charge. It can also handle the loyality club card. I would not think they would take the system back or let me sell one to some one else. That would be like selling a large coffee and have them come back and ask for a second cup to share with someone and except not to have to buy the cup. We all are in the business to make money.
It took us awhile to get this up and running correctly but the end result is very good, lots of flexibility and easy integration with quick books.

Restaurant Pro
I'll weigh in briefly here :) I agree with Brittany on the quality issue. It amazes me that people who will spend $80k to $400k on a store and go to the ends of the earth to choose every product will wind up on the POS and say "they are all the same". There ARE huge differences in these products and you have to do demos to see them sometimes.

Also - Thanks for the comments Kathy!

The Selbysoft product is very clunky, antiquated, and hard to use.  The support is very limited, I was told that my issue "wasn't an emergency so if you would call back, that would be great".   I guess if you work on the west coast, and during their hours, you can get support.  I am selling mine after 6 months.


Curtis, I'm not sure what happened with your support call but I wish you would have emailed / called or contacted me.   I'm more than happy to straighten out whatever is going on.    I requested to have our customer service manager check into this today as well.  Can we follow up Friday and see if I can sort things out? 
Curtis Drollinger said:

The Selbysoft product is very clunky, antiquated, and hard to use.  The support is very limited, I was told that my issue "wasn't an emergency so if you would call back, that would be great".   I guess if you work on the west coast, and during their hours, you can get support.  I am selling mine after 6 months.


It's a little annoying that all of these POS discussions inevitably get hijacked by people trying to push their products. 

We have been using Aldelo for 3 years now and we love it. It has all the report features which make analysis a snap. We customize it to our shop and products and it's really simple to do. If I can do it anyone can. My whole system, which includes touch screen, pole display, card swipe, pc, receipt printer and keyboard for $2500. No added costs, no monthly fees. I own the system and the license for the software. I can provide you with the person who I got the system set-up from but honestly there are many computer companies out there who can outfit a package and set up Aldelo software. This is the best price I have seen so far for a complete system and there are no obligations after purchase. We operate a high volume coffee shop in a resort area and we get slammed every day for 10 weeks and the system has worked flawlessly.


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