Class of July 2004 was undoubtly the best class "EVER" to go through school. I was part of the class who gave Matt & fellow teachers a "run for their money"....

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Peggy, you can proudly say that you are Old School ABC's :) Yes, July 2004 was awesome, can't believe it has been so long since you came thru class. Congrats on the success of Rock Creek Coffee, you rock.

- Matt
June 2007
April 2007!
Was it Oct. of 2005?? I think that would have been correct as we headed north to CoffeeFEST Seattle right after it...
I think it was May 07...Maybe June? Pretty sure about the 07 part!
Attending ABC's was the best money and time I spent through the entire process of setting up The Stick in the Mud Coffee House. If not for my time in class with Matt, Jared and everyone else from Bellissimo The Stick would have ended up as 'any other coffee shop serving dreck'. I'm sure the rest of the graduates have experienced the same success.
December 2007! Yep, still green. : )
I think we were August 04!
I'm gonna have to say September '07. Pre-ABC, I worked tirelessly for Starbucks. Post-ABC, I work tirelessly for myself and the coffee. The class kick-started this crazy journey I'm on as I climb through the layers of the Specialty Coffee world.
November, 2007 --- best thing I've ever done. Great class, great people, great pints at Kells!
April 2008. Yup, just got back home yesterday.
June 16-21, 2008! See our class pics on my profile page. It was a totally motivational experience and gave me the confirmation I needed to know this is the right industry for me....great, passionate, and caring people. Matt, Jared, Ed and the rest of the ABC crowd are awesome. It was also great to spend time with Bruce Milletto and understand where his mission comes from. I would highly recommend this school to anyone considering the coffee business - or already in it! ciao!
August 2007!!!!


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