I know there are a lot of machines out there. I've worked with many. I am interested in what YOU like. Why do you like it? What is your dream machine for your shop?

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here's some pics
I have a mobile cafe from the rear of a Baja FE delivery 3 wheeler. (tuk tuk or autorickshaw).
I like the portability and functionality of the Rancillio 27 single group. It takes H2O from the 5 gallon water bottle and performs well under stress. I have also just ordered the Innovated Mnfg. 4 cup drip bar from Canada. Espressoparts.com also has them. It's puuurfect for a mobile cafe providing fast melitta style brews.
I've also been a fan of the Speedster for years. I would really dig one at home, but for a commercial setting, I really dig Kees' Idrocompresso with the Veloce bodywork.

Espressoparts.com RULES! I highly recommend them!

(This message was brought to you by the good people at Espressoparts.com who remind you, "If you are gonna come to the show, have a ticket.")
Hehe...you're wish will soon come true !
Nespresso D90 Esensa
I ever used several machines, like La San Marco, Nuova Simonelli, Rancilio, and so on. Some of them are solid, and some of them are well designed. But for espresso brewing, they are all similar at least when they are not very old. Nothing can be the most ...
Realizing that I could be compromising my status on Barrista Exchange and ruin my reputation as a conisseur d' cafe, the Nepresso machines turn out a hell of a good espresso with one of the best crema's I've witnessed with any machine. The Pavloni levers are great too. Today I purchased an impulse item at Macy's in Monterey, For a cool 89 bucks, I got the Aeroccino milk frother which delivers a delicious foam for Caps and a smooth latte hot milk. in exactly 50 seconds you have cold skim milk which transforms into a beautiful creamy foam. 120 seconds gives you a rich, hot milk.
Tutto bono, ciao.
which one do you like better..the synesso or the la marzocco. why you felt the change?
I have to say that I am a Home coffee pulling klutz. That said, I do like my spring lever machines.
My main squeeze is an old pro spring lever Conti that will pull shots and steam with many of the best newer machines. She also travels well and has a 1000watt boiler heater so i can cater a party when I want.
I travel to a major city to refine my taste buds when I can and have a very few favorite cafes that I trust to always deliver a great shot. Both have Synessos!
I definitely have to cast another vote for the Euripicola. The manual lever is such a fantastic aesthetic. Although I will admit I have never pulled a perfect shot in my 3 years of owning it. Which brings me to the commercial realm. The La Marzocco I worked with was probably the most solid machine anyone could expect to use, but I still love my levers. For my latest cafe project I bought an older spring lever Astoria. As soon as I change the body work so it doesn't look like a commercial dishwasher, I hope it will be my new favorite.
I really like my old FAEMA E97. She's overdue for a rework: PID, etc. We get along rather well, though.

I'd like to build a one-off with top line guts in a Gehry-esque cube.

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