I know there are a lot of machines out there. I've worked with many. I am interested in what YOU like. Why do you like it? What is your dream machine for your shop?

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me, i had a chance to work on numerous, but still i like my faema e 61 cos it has a 'soul'. i started with my coffee life working on level machine, so faema, even is not leva, it gaves me a 'back to the future' feeling, what i hate is her temperature stability is not up to date but ...
I currently work with alot of Rancilios, Epocas and Classe 8s. They are great machines. But we do have a 2 group LaMarzocco Linea that makes one of the sweetest shots you'll find. You just can't go wrong with one of the Lineas, they are just great espresso machines....
def a La Marzocco. My ideal machine has gb5 steam wands, gb5 heat exchanger (that's right the gb5 preheats water going into the brew boiler through the steam tank + lets you fine tune it with a mix valve) Linea body, Synesso boilers (1 each per group) gs3 group heads, PID for sure, .6mm gicleur, cool touch steam wands, teflon coated portafilters, and fb70 brew buttons (hate the buttons on the gb5 no tactile response), also a PID'd (it can be done programmable even pressure) pump. Sounds crazy but it just might work.

p.s. manual preinfusion might make me rethink the .6mm gicleur
Man, Keith, that's crazy! Sounds like a sweet project, though! I'd like to see it! You go first!
Lets do it! Greg Scace developed a pump profiling program and well the rest is easy..........
I have a soft spot for the home machine I first learned to grind and tamp for. It is still on the kitchen counter: La Pavoni Europicolla Romantica. Beautiful to look at, after some struggling it produces a nice single shot and it steams well enough for a cappuccino. NOTHING commercial about it. Definitely for the history-seeking home geek (like me!).

At work I truly love the Linea. It's a 2 group from 1999 and it's destined to be PID'd this year.

Many more machines I'd love to try but for now I'm happy.
3 group linea....old faithful

she's sturdy, replacement parts are abundant, easy to maintenance....and the shots are out of this world.

yeah I am looking forward to installing a PID on the linea we roll with too as well as trying to figure out a way to rewire the manual control button to connect to an old school nintendo controller...if it can be done to a silvia...why not the linea...?
i like the nintendo controller idea. hmmm nintendo controller.
3 group Linea, for real.

the FB70 is a close second. But I am a sucker for a workhorse machine.
we have one teflon PF at Ritual. It just doesn't get all nasty and funky on the inside. i guess bottomless is one way around it. i like the heft of a PF that still has it's bottom.
I am not a fan of the naked. I like the spouts...but then again, I am old school when it comes to that kind of shit.
I'm with you. I don't like the grittiness of the bottomless. I love their crema for pouring art but I prefer the flavour and texture of the spouts.

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