I know there are a lot of machines out there. I've worked with many. I am interested in what YOU like. Why do you like it? What is your dream machine for your shop?

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i've always wanted to get my hands on a Nuova or La San Marco lever. wish they came in a double boiler config.
i have a La San Marco lever on it's way to me right now, was thinking of setting it up with LM boilers and PID... I'll let you know how it comes along
I, in any case gentlemen, I have very good relation with la spaziale – new ek. The result that gives is very good, can be handling by anyone, can repair easily and has good resistance to hard work. I have worked with various machines and more recently with brand new Dalla Corte evolution together with his double electronic grinder. She is incredible! Even if I do not have big confidence in the electronic machines, the result in the cup was amazing.
We have a three group Synesso, out of Seattle. I have worked on the La Marzocco's for years and thought a change would be difficult. It wasn't! Within five minutes it seemed that I had been working on a Synesso for ever, but the coffee consistancy is out of control. This machine is soooo great!
Also the Victoria Arduino Athena lever with heat exchange.....Unbelievable shots.
woh. i've never seen one. sounds bad ass. got any pics.
how much are they?. where can i get one? can i borrow your credit card? jk
Both Chris Tacy have ours on order. We had to suppl the groups and a couple of other parts, but it will be worth the effort. Some time in 09 I suspect.

My favorite machine from my collection of Marzoccos is my GS single group. A sweet little machine that evokes the contemporary styling of La Marzocco, and pulls some real nice shots to boot.
The Speedster reminds of those old classic cars.... pretty cool. Did anyone see the New Adonis at the last Coffee fest?? That's a pretty sweet machine.... My favorite is the Vintage White panels with white lights....Sexxy as hell!
cool machine indeed! very jetsons ;)
Hello, for me the perfect one is La Marzocco fb80 black style...
I agree - while I love working with LM's, the Synesso with the paddle pre-infusion with those 21gram baskets with the naked PF... very consistent shots... my only trouble was adjusting my steam wand technique; now that I'm hitting the mark, my milk is sweeter than ever on both machines. :)

I wish I had the opportunity to work with some of these other machines people have talked about; the levers especially... I guess that's why we have this entire community though!

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