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today's practice...

5 heart tulip
Laugh if you will, but this is all I got. I am taking an art class with Deferio and Ellie at Coffeefest in DC, so maybe I'll finally get it. (God knows I hope so.)

Thanks Matt. I promise the one on the top was a good rosetta until the top exploded in white. Crap. I will get it. I even thought about getting a tat of a rosetta on my wrist to remind me of the quest to do it....
you have to do a lot of practice to make what you want...don't give up the good work...keep going!!!
Thanks! LOVE your art!

today's practice....

wow, Antonios! Those are awesome! I would love to see a video of how you do those.. do you think that's possible? And Jason.. You're off to a good start:) Now it's just practice practice practice;) These make me just wanna go and practice..
That's for Gunnsa!!!!
Thank you so much for your video!!! It's sooo cool! I'm not a big fan of chocolate syrup though, but for those who like it, I want to know how to make cups like those!!:)
Keep up the good work!:)

Have a nice weekend!!!!

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