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check it...text book rosetta. Ok first thing start the pitcher out close to punch under the crema then lift it higher and use the stream to control the crema so it doesn't all break apart. Next when you decide you want to start your rosetta bring the pitcher towards the crema whether or not you tip the cup is your choice, personally I find it helps. Once a white dot forms on the crema push it to the other side of the cup once there paint your rosetta on. It's not exactly a shaking motion more of a swooping. My personal preference is to have the pitcher nearly touching the crema. When I get to the top I let a heart form or make one with rings however I'm feeling then lift the pitcher again and cut back. Also I always have my milk in it's pitcher before I start shots which means I'm usually done steaming before the shots finish giving my milk time to separate. I then give a swirl or two and pour.

Daniel Gruska said:

What's the best way to battle skinny leaves? Is my stream just too thick when I strike it across the rosetta? I already slowed down my pitcher shaking drastically, to no affect.
Thanks for your help. I poured some fantastic art today. Didn't have time to take pictures, but when I post some you get props.

Shiloh Sanders said:
Ok, so are you moving back and forth before the white starts to pop or is that when you start movement. Maybe try not moving back towards the lip/ edge of the cup as fast. Pour each leaf closer together, you are going to feel like the cup is going to overflow, but you might be surprised. Your pour through at the end should be more of a cut (like a knife) than the thickness of a straw... a thicker pour through at the end will pull your whole design with it.

Try being intentional with each leaf, start looking at you design, how are you getting what you are pouring? How can you manipulate it? How do you make a leaf thicker? Thinner? How do you pour with a heart on the end? As you start to realize what you are doing and how you are getting the specifics of the design showing up, rather than just getting something... you will be able to start playing! I watch as many videos of other people as possible. You learn a lot!!!

Daniel Gruska said:
the cappuccino cups I work with right now are flat on the bottom with conical walls sort of like this shape: \_/
I generally start with the cup in hand and tilted slightly towards the pitcher, with the spout inside or almost inside the cup. I have to bring the cup to a level position quickly or the pour gets funky with the weird walls. Generally art begins to appear when I 2/3 finished pouring, and shoots out across the surface of the drink very rapidly. I pour slowly at first, and very quickly as the art appears. I've tried altering this in several ways and I still get little spiky appendages for leaves. *shrugs*
Shiloh Sanders said:
I am very new here.. Unfortunately I am not in coffee world anymore,but I miss doing latte art so much....
I did see something like that on you tube. It was chocolate art and I don't remember who or how long it was. But it did look like the taj mahal

Dale Harris said:
Hey All!!!

Beautiful work - but here's a challenge - a good freind of mine swears he watched Fritz Storm (why did my mother not give me such a name?!) etch the Taj Mahal in about thirty seconds!

Best one wins prize of cheap and nasty tourist tat from London if you do!!!
WOW there's ALOT of amazing art on this thread. I hope to one day be solid on my art. For being self taught....I think I'm on the right track.

Dude... damn... haha.


David Robson said:

Seriously.....how do you get better than this????? Please tell me....SICK!

Nicely said:

Served daily at Espresso Vivace Alley 24.
one from a couple days back in practice

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