We were talking around the store today about all the different names for drinks. We call coffee with a shot a Red Eye. We have also heard it called a Shot in the Dark.

Along those same lines, we are trying to decide what to call a Chai with espresso. We have heard Chai Charger, Chai High, Morning Glory Chai, Dirty Chai, and Hail Mary.

We would love to hear what you all call these drinks!

Jenny and the Bean Team at Peaberry's Coffeehouse, La Crosse, WI

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well we in central Wisconsin call a coffee with a shot an "italian riser".
Does sound like a setup for a joke =P

Chris/Dale said:
"What do you call an espresso in a cup of coffee?"

...a good start?
Consciousness Raised of course, we are Conscious Cup Coffee...
Shot in the dark. Or dump truck.
we try to get customers to get espresso on the side so they can taste the pressed coffee as a single origin, and chase it with the complex flavors of the espresso. Names make things nameless and coffee has a face and a name. in my humble opinion
At La Vida Java, we call it a "Kamikoffee" and the Chai, a "dirty chai".

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