I am looking for a friendly couch during the Spro' down in Chi' Town

I am traveling from Indy to attend on Friday and I wonder if anyone has a couch I could crash on. I am clean friendly and excited about the jam! I won't mooch your beer or eat all of your cereal! Or would anyone share a room?

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Man I am sorry you are not getting more responses. I love discussions like this. It is how I picture a Barista Exchange. Unity in the community. Sharing, loving, exchanging ideas and couches, techniques and beers. Posting help wanted and help needed.
I am not in Chicago. I wish you good luck. I'll keep commenting to move you to the top of the discussion lists.
Andy - a friend an I are coming down from Grand Rapids - no luck with places to stay - so we're going to drive down Sat am and just stay in a hotel on Sat.

Have you tried couchsurfing.net?

Meet you there.

Andy is a cool guy. I would share a room with him if I were any of you.

Wish I could come and have fun at the Jam!
would an unfriendly couch be better than no couch at all??
Thanks for the replies, I found a place to stay. The couch is reported to be not only friendly but comfy too! I appreciate and agree with the opinion of Mike, everyone keep up the good work and swing by Indy on your travels. Josh see you there!

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