I'm looking forward to competing in the Great Lakes this March and I've begun looking around at different cappuccino and demitasse cups online. Any pro's out there on this growing barista exchange (Heather Perry), with some suggestions for us competition rookies.

Thoughts about presentation? Steps of service? Overall approach?

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Terra Keramik cups are super nice, and a lot of competitors are using them ... they are spendy, but for comps I think they are worth it in regards to presentation.


- Matt
As a judge we prefer clean cups!..... hahahah, But true!

Please be sure to read the rules and regulations. Judges hate to adjust scores for improper cups.

Seriously, please test your cups first to be sure your selection will hold and maintain the crema and/or foam to your liking, are easy to handle, and will retain enough heat to keep the drink warm. If your favorite cups destroy your drinks - then how good are the cups???
Thanks guys!

I like those Terra Keramik cups a lot. I'm debating between more bowl less tulip or less bowl more tulip... I like my art in more bowl less tulip but I like my crema and texture in less bowl more tulip. Maybe I'm reading to deep.

Hey can I bring 16oz to-go cups to the comp?

your cappuccinos MUST be served in the proper cups ... i.e. 5-6oz. I would say almost all competitors are using the tulip cup vs. bowl cups for capps. signature drink also are mainly served as a smaller volume beverage. that is at least USBC, WBC common.

- Matt
Tulips tend to make the crema and/or foam appear to be a bit higher in volume than a bowl type cup.

That having been said, I prefer bowl type cups, personally, and used them in the '07 SCRBC.
Are there specifics about cup colors? Is anything faux paus? I like the nuova point cups but don't want to shoot myself in the foot because I got the chartreuse ones. jk.

There are no rules about colors.. just shape/size. (it must have a rounded bottom, and it must not exceed 6oz capacity)

If you like the odd pastel-ish colors from Nuova Point, then use them.
Jason. Thanks. I just needed someone out there to say it officially (or not). I can't say that I'm a huge fan for competition purposes, but, I bet they look great in some cafes. I just wonder what the general consensus is about colored cups affecting the look (and perception) of your espressos, etc. Have there been any memorable performances that you know of with black or (non-white cups). I'm considering Nuova Point because I think I can afford them, unless, there is something else out there I should be looking for.
Black is pretty popular. I used the classic "brown" cups. Heather Perry used them as well, (and she actually stole one of my saucers w/out asking, so watch your stuff! p.s. - she gave it back later).

I love white cups, personally, but I wanted to go with a classic effect.
Just back form DC last night and I was wondering if anyone else has compared the newer Nuova Point cups to some old ones? I had a chance and they seem to have re-designed both their tulip cappuccino cups and the demis. They are MUCH thicker. The rims are a slightly less appealing shape, to me at least, but I think the wall thickness make up for that. let me know if anyone else has any info on this. the ones I saw where the new release of black. I wold prefer white and would like to know if it is universal to the line or a special run?

Hey Chris, I just got some of the black ones and they are way thicker. I'm not sure if this across the color board or not but I sure like the thickness in terms of feel and insulation. Also, I don't know if its just in my head or not but it feels like I am trying to pour latte art in a demitasse cup in these things as well. I'm sure its just my perception.
Thanks for that. I had the opportunity to check out the black ones that ryan palmer from cafe pronto was using in his MARBC performance. as for them seeming tiny I do believe he mentioned that the majority of the mass added was to the interior taking them from just over 6 ounces brimming to about 5 ounces. that might have something to do with them feeling so short.

anyone else? does anyone else have a new set of capps or demis from nuova point in white or the trad brown that have the same chunky thickness? I do like the black cups but would prefer them in brown or white.

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