We are thinking about adding gelato and pannini with our coffee. Any recommendations for any grill and/or gelato machine would be most welcomed and greatly appreciated! Budget is a factor. Thanks all.
Mark Twain Ice & Coal

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I don't like panini grills much but love the Star brand sandwich press.
Star makes some good machines that are very reasonably priced (~500-600 for a single plate). Also, surprisingly, Simonelli makes some good panini grills. They are a little higher priced than the Star but a quality machine nonetheless.

One thing to be sure of when chosing a machine is the Voltage. Many of the double plate grills run off 220V. This is great if you are wired for that, but most shops do not have an extra 220 outlet, and it could be a factor in the budget to rewire.

Also, if interested, i have a used Star GX12IG grill (120V) sitting around the office i am looking to get rid of.
I am interested in your Star Grill. Can you tell me the model again. I can't find that one on line.
Where are you located? Does this model run on 110 or 220?
Mark Twain ice and Coal
Sorry, GX14IG, runs off 110.
We are interested

Matt Swenson said:
Sorry, GX14IG, runs off 110.
We are interested in your Star Sandwich Press. Is it in good working condition? What are you asking?
We are also interested in hiring you to assist us in getying our espresso cart up and running. We have the Astoria Sibella SAE 2. We are planning to have it hard plumbed. We have a coffee lover who is a plummer.I presume we will need a water softner and water filter.These are on the cart but probably need a new system in our plumbing lines. We live in Hannibal MO. Let us know if you would be interested
Sydney and Cheryl
Mark Twian Ice and Coal
As found on the Big Tray web site: http://www.bigtray.com/productdetails.asp?catid=13270&sku=STRCG...

Distinctive grid patterns create attractive sear marks on "panini" sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken breasts, and other food products.
PRO-MAX® series
Euro-style design
14" x 14" grooved cooking surface
Heavy duty platens provide superior performance and long life
A unique counter balance hinge system provides for safe and effortless operation of the top platen
Spacious grilling height accomodates product up to three inches
Thermostat range is from 175°F to 550°F and provides accurate sensing of temperature
Grease drawer positioned in front of the unit for easier cleaning
6' cord with plug
208 volt, 1350 watts, 6.5 amps
Manufacturer: Star Mfg.
Manufacturer Model #: CG14I
Width: 19 5/8"
Depth: 24 3/4"
Height: 13 1/2"
Weight: 112 lbs.

This is the one we are about to order.
Does anyone care to give it a review? Good, Bad, small, over-kill?

Any feed back on the above request for Gelato info?
Do all of you have your own machines or does anyone ship from a supplier and then decorate & display? Although we are opting to postpone the gelato option for our opening we will need info so we can make longer range plans. Any Gelato in a 'coffee first' shop advice?
I would like input on Gelato display... We are looking to buy the Master-Bilt Gelato case. Made in the USA parts and service readily available. We would have loved one of the Italian models but couldn't justify the cost and were concerned about the availability of parts and service.
We also are only looking at a small 6 pan display because we tought it would be too easy to be distracted by it all when our focus is coffee!

Any Gelato folks have any input?
I have a Star pannini press at my shop it was pretty inexpensive and is good quality

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