The world of food and beverage is vast and diverse. Considering that our beloved coffee is derived from various growing regions around the world, amongst different and distinctive cultures. Each origin country has unique food and beverage offerings, thus we should use this opportunity to explore and learn about non-coffee items. The olfaction and gustation of non-coffee items can be considered part of the social and anthropological education of coffee origin countries.

Were you able to partake in the local beverages or enjoy an indigenous meal? What was unique about the local gastronomic hospitality?

While exploring a coffee origin did you enjoy a libation, elixir or concoction? local beer, liquor or cocktail? Are you adventurous in your cuisine? Did you sample any game meat, exotic fruits and vegetable, or perhaps a local delicacy prepared in the traditional style?

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Not quite at origin, but at the Aalto Lounge here in Portland I've been know to drink my share of Flor de Cania and as well as Cachaça ... :) nothing better than a good Caiparenia, or 3.

fun topic spence.
I spent a semester in Ireland in college... enough said.

Seriously, a smooth whiskey or scotch is something to relish. I recently had a glass of Connemara Irish Whiskey at a local dive. Highly recommended.

Ohh, and my Slovak grandmother made some Hallupki (sp?) over the holidays. Ground beef, pork and rice wrapped in boiled cabbage smothered in sour kraut. mmm... My girlfriend thinks my breath smells funny.
In Guatemala I always finish my evening meal with: Ron Zacapa Centenario Rum 23 year old.

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