I'd like to know from anyone who is well knowledgeable in the area, how well do Mobile Cafes do in certain parts of the US?

I see quite a few of them popping up. I wonder on average how much do they pull in a day, how difficult is it to operate, and how was the vending process !

Lastly, what does everyone else think about Mobile Cafes ?

Thanks !

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I've always loved the look of Gimme! Coffee's trailer:

While not necessarily mobile, it had many of the mobile characteristics to it. I think a tough thing would be to create a consistent customer base if you've moving about. Perhaps doing something on a regular basis during events would help, such as a farmers market.
Now that's cool yea I've seen those. I think I like the idea of the kiosk such as Gimme!'s as well.
I guess to get a regular consistent customer base , you'd have to be a bit stationery and only mobile in the sense that u close up at night and take it with you or something of the like . I know I dont dig the fact that most mobile/kiosk enterprises are franchises. I'd rather get the cart and do my own thing
I love the idea of a mobile espresso truck, i.e. Long Story Short Coffee (Jon Lewis).

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