A huge shout out to all bX members, today is a monumental day for us. The Wall St Journal has published an article about how focused social networks are becoming an integral part of online, business oriented communication.

An excerpt from the article titled "Networking Together".

Since its December launch, the site has grown to about 3,000 members and gets about 15,000 unique visitors a month. Discussion topics range from the best espresso machines to the closing of Starbucks stores. "There's been forums and blogs [about coffee] for a long time, but with a site like this you can really put a face behind what you're posting about," Mr. Milletto says.

The expansion of social-networking sites and new tools making online interaction easier are giving small businesses new opportunities to network with each other and their customers, and to expand their reach. Instead of just setting up a network for their own customers, many are realizing the benefits of hooking up with other businesses to collectively raise their profile in a particular geographic area or industry.

Thank you Wilson Hines for also posting about this in a blog and for mentioning another blog that picked up the topic:

"Via Geof Corey's blog, I went to the Marketing Pilgrim site to see an article about Adobe Flash and Google indexing. All of a sudden I see this article entitled "Baristas Unite! Social Networking At Street Level""

Also, congrats to Troy Reynard for getting a couple quotes in the article.

Will be cool to see what kind of buzz this will generate for the site! Again, thanks to all members for your support and for making bX what it is today.

- Matt

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Great job all!!!!!!!!! Huge recognition!!!
Totally bananas!
Ning.com has now blogged about the article as well here.
How exciting to get it picked up in the WSJ! That is big time! WOW!

I'm liking all the exposure we've gotten in such a short amount of time.
Matt Rocks - and wait for tomorrow's news...
The WSJ did a follow up blog on the article here ... where our very own Troy Reynard has his picture! Congrats Troy!

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