the three sizes for unnamed coffee shop:
tall, grande, venti... ?

okay... to help out a little with comments... eep! trying to keep up! sorry!
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Comment by Chris on September 2, 2010 at 1:51pm
You're gonna make me defend the Green Monster?

Look, it's pretty damned simple. They used to have a short and a tall drink. People wanted more, so they got a 'grande', because 'taller' sounded even more stupid, and there was a Neoplitian bent to the place already, and then came the twenty ouncer, when sixteen wasn't enough, so, 'Venti'. Or Italian for 'twenty'.
They still have a 'short', but it's not on a lot of menus, if any at all. So if you ask for a 'small', they ask if you mean 'tall'. They're not supposed to push the 'short', so they don't mention it. If you look at the tall, and say 'yes' then they've sold you a larger drink than their small drink, which is a 'short'.

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