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At 6:19am on May 19, 2010, Ertan Han said…
Hi rachel,wondefull music , thank :)
At 7:59am on December 20, 2008, Steve MacDowall said…
hello Rachel, greetings from Canada - Steve
At 3:04pm on October 31, 2008, Chris DeMarse said…
I understand how working with less than ideal coffee can be challenging. I'm sure that the expectations in a culture that has not developed a strong desire for espresso can be dually frustrating. I talked to some adventure outfitters in the visitor's plaza that said that most people don't make much in wages and, as a result, have less motivation to really invest in their work. I would really love to come down if you ever have one of those barista events again. I am willing to pay my own way and spend some time investing into local baristas; all i'd want in return is a chance to tour some farms and get a better view of the early stages of coffee. keep me posted if anything ever comes up again.
At 1:53pm on October 31, 2008, Chris DeMarse said…
Thanks for your efforts in trying to get me to your farm. Unfortunately I was unable to find the time given our short trip to visit, so please extend my apologies to your father on behalf of me. I greatly intend on coming back, and if the opportunity arises, to be able to do some hands on training with local baristas. while I fully believe in the unbelievable quality of the Boquete coffee community, there seems to be a disconnection between that and the cafes I visited. what are your thought?
At 6:32am on October 1, 2008, Chris DeMarse said…
I've been doing a little more solid research on our travel arrangements. We are flying in to PTY (Panama City) Thursday the 9th. We are going to spend the day there. We are then going to fly out to David early the next morning and catch a bus/taxi to Boquete. We will be there that day and maybe the next. We are then going to Bocas Del Toro, then back to Panama City and home from there. I know your family is busy with life and it's fine if things are too hectic for you, but in the off chance that someone is free, it would be an honor to tour the farm. Thanks again for helping with some perspective.

At 3:32pm on September 13, 2008, Chris DeMarse said…
I appreciate all the information and it's very helpful to get some realistic time frames in line with trying to travel to the mountains. I am still not totally sure of the hotel accommodations, but our good friends mentioned she had vouchers that she could redeem in Panama. We realized that it was in the middle of rainy season, but we also knew that it might be the only time we could afford round trip tickets for two people (we're trying to pay off college loans and such), so we invested a little in some nice rain coats and expected to live in a deluge for a chunk of the trip. I wouldn't want to impose on your family in the middle of such an important time with your brother, but I really appreciate your efforts to accommodate me despite my untimeliness. I will continue to research our total plan to make sure to make the best of our time there. It seems that Panama has much to offer; we just wanted to get in as much as possible within reason. Thanks again for your time and effort.
At 5:32pm on September 12, 2008, Chris DeMarse said…
I am going to be in Panama from October 9-16. I was wondering if your farm does tours and what I might do to get see the source of the most coveted coffee in the world ?!?!~?
At 2:20am on August 31, 2008, Ertan Han said…
I am from TURKEY and we sell coffee(espresso).We want buy coffee from you can you sent us your whole sell price list.Thanks for your help
My e mail adress ertcom2006@hotmail.com
At 8:25pm on August 12, 2008, Gilberto Baraona said…
Congratulations for your coffee,.
I competed in Long Beach 2007 with my coffee Los Pirineos got 10Th.
At 9:30pm on July 28, 2008, graciano said…
hola rachel, esta gente estaba hablando de viajar a visitar fincas en C.A. en un lugar tranquilo, que vengan a Boquete, yo puse un post mencionandolos inclusive a ustedes como atraccion, leelo.
Por donde andas?
At 1:42pm on July 16, 2008, HENRY HUECK said…

me gustaria que consideraran participar este anio en Ramacafe y si pueden hablar un poco de lo que hacen en Panama...me puedes decir si pueden?

At 7:01am on June 9, 2008, Stefanos Domatiotis said…

At 6:59am on June 4, 2008, Andrew Barnett said…
Hi Rachel ,

Nice to hear from you . Hope all is well . You're welcome . Thanks for the update Loved that lot . Eager to share the beautiful flavors with our San Francisco community
Looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen !

Cheers ,

At 8:25pm on June 2, 2008, Donny Raus said…
hey rachael, how is my favorite panamanian doing??? everything is great here. finally setup with my own roaster (yay!) and have been busy setting things up and planning the roasters retreat. when will we have the pleasure of seeing you in nyc again? how is daniel??? hope all is well!!!
At 6:09pm on May 27, 2008, Edwin Martinez said…
Congratulations on pulling off a fantastic private auction! I'm anxious to to see if you do it again next year. Regardless, nice job getting a record number of online visitors and continuing to raise the awareness. Best of luck.
At 6:09pm on May 6, 2008, The Barista Formerly Known As JavaJ said…

It was very nice to meet you and Wilford at the BGA party. I enjoyed talking with you very much.

At 9:01pm on April 17, 2008, Fede Cabrera said…
Hola Rachel,

Estoy avanzando en el plan de negocios de mi organizacion sin fines de lucro, y te estaria muy agradecido si pudieses leerlo y darme tu opinion. De ser posible, te pido que me indiques a que direccion puedo enviartelo.

Muchas gracias,
At 8:13pm on April 1, 2008, Nick Cho said…
Next podcast, I'm gonna whip out my impression of your dad. Hope you like it!

And thanks for being me today! :-)
At 5:25am on March 25, 2008, John Moore said…
hi rachel,

looking forward to tasting a few samples of those delicious coffees that you produce. any news concerning this year's crop? weather issues, logistic challenges, harvest or processing news, etc.?

At 6:50pm on March 21, 2008, Jeff Taylor said…
I thought you'd appreciate how much my spanish has improved....

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