Why The Algarve Is The Up And Coming Place To Enjoy Good Coffee

When you think of the Algarve, you probably think of white stretches of sand, crystal blue ocean and never-ending sunshine. However, Portugal, like most other Southern Europe countries, prides itself on its espresso. Cafes, and coffee, in particular, is a huge part of the Portuguese way of life and this passion goes well beyond a small cup of coffee. Instead, the flavour and quality of Portuguese coffee is now believed to be legendary. 

The Algarve, surrounded by beautiful turquoise beaches, sheer cliffs and luxurious resorts, is also full of cafes and charming lunch spots, which are perfect for visitors and locals who want to just sit back and relax. Many of these cafes serve traditional Portuguese espresso, but a few cafes in the Algarve stand out from the stand, thanks to their coffee offerings, local delicacies and view.

Caffe Creme Cafetaria

As the name suggests, the Caffe Creme is the perfect spot to pick up some delicious Portuguese treats and a great coffee. In a popular tourist hot spot, the Caffe Creme Cafetaria is a perfect example of how, when you serve great coffee and traditional pastries and cakes, then you are guaranteed to be popular. 

Iguana Cafe

If you’re looking for amazing views, reasonable prices and simple yet delicious food, then the Iguana Cafe is the perfect little spot to sit back and relax. Located in the old town of Albufeira, the Iguana Cafe has a lovely outdoor terrace which overlooks the ocean and gives spectacular views of Fisherman’s Beach and the coastline, which stretches all the way to Faro. 

Thanks to the highly popular destination, great setting and good coffee and food, the Iguana Cafe has it all. Having a convenient venue where people can escape from the sun for an hour or two and relax is a great way to make the most of daily passing trade, especially when you have a great location!

Mar d’Estorias

Mar d’Estorias is a venue in Lagos which is a truly unique concept, encapsulating all the flavours of the Algarve with a mix of tradition and modernity. With a shop, restaurant, roof terrace bar and gallery, there is something here for everyone, including top quality coffee. With views across Lagos, this is the perfect place to catch a break from the Mediterranean sunshine with a coffee and traditional cake or pastry - you must try the pastel de natas! 

Coffee Culture

Depending on the caffeine boost you’re after, there are a few different coffees which you should definitely try whilst you are in the Algarve. Coffee is drunk at almost every available moment of the day, whether it be with breakfast, mid-morning or after-dinner, but you won’t find many chain coffee stores here. Instead, get ready to embrace local, no-nonsense cafes with homely decor and fresh bakes and coffee. If you’re a fan of strong coffee, then try a cafe chelo, which is an espresso with added hot water. Coffee with milk is a cafe pingado, meia de leite or a galao.  No matter if you’re staying in a hotel, have your own home in the Algarve or are renting one of the stunning luxury Algarve villas, then you’re sure to find a great local coffee store near you. You could even grab a bag of beans and make your own fresh coffee in the comfort of your accommodation.  

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