What’s that Smell? 4 Signs Your Refrigeration Needs Help

We all give very little thought to our refrigerators on a regular basis, that is until our fridges start going bad. Wondering when it’s time to get a new refrigerator? Keep reading to determine if your current fridge is showing signs that it’s on its way out.

The Motor Keeps Running


Refrigerators often signal that they are close to dying with a louder-than-usual motor. A fridge with a motor that is constantly running is an indication that it is malfunctioning. If the motor is constantly running, it’s only a matter of time before the motor overheats then break completely.

The same is true if your motor stops running completely. A fridge without a functioning motor is effectively dead and it’s time to get a new fridge ASAP.

Food Is Spoiling


Another tell-tale sign of a broken fridge is spoiled food. Instead of keeping your food fresh for a week or more, these malfunctioning fridges will likely cause your food to spoil in a matter of days. This spoiled food is an indication that the internal thermostat is broken, the coolant is leaking, or the compressor fan is malfunctioning. Whatever the issue with your fridge is, spoiled food can make you incredibly ill.

If you’ve noticed that your fridge isn’t leaving your food as cold as it should be, you need to start shopping for a new fridge. Keep yourself from falling ill by getting a new fridge. It’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with a fridge that isn’t cooling properly.

The Fridge Is Leaking


Fridges may appear to be leaking as a result of moisture or condensation, however, if your fridge is actually leaking, this is a clear sign that your fridge is in danger of breaking down. These types of leaks indicate an issue with its seals, a falling heater, broken tube channels, or bad insulation. For this reason, consult a professional like Fugh Refrigeration, Inc if you notice any sign of a leak.

The Energy Bill Is Spiking


Another subtle sign of a fridge going bad is an increase in your bill. If your electricity bill spikes unexplainably, it’s likely that you may have a problem with your fridge. As refrigerators will use more energy if there is a mechanical problem, it will ultimately cost you more money to put up with a malfunctioning fridge rather than replace it.

Fridges do more for us than we give them credit for. If you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned four signs, it’s time for a new fridge. Keep this information in mind as you begin your hunt for a new refrigerator.

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