Traditional touch to serve Arabic coffee

Arabic Dallah plays an important role in the identity of Persian culture. Dallah is a traditional Arabic Coffee Pot Used for centuries to brew and serve. The origin of Dallah is unclear, according to the study dallah is a coffee Maker in UAE in the Mid-17th Century. Dallah could have evolved from two distinct domestic objects, a specific type of oil lamp and ewer. Its attractive Arabic custom, sitting with family and discussing the day’s event in the evening among the steaming coffee poured from Dallah. It makes emirates unique from others. Technology has too large extent for the preparation of coffee. But Gulf Countries prefer to follow the traditional way to prepare and serve the coffee. Quality and Quantity of the coffee proves the significance of wealth and generosity of the host. The green coffee beans were first roasted over the open fire using the long-handled iron pan until the beans turned in to brown. In the Arabic Dallah , boiling water was added to the powder and spices. Some of the preferred spices are saffron, cardamom, cloves and the coffee is served unsweetened, accompanied by dates. Status and seniority play vital role in coffee serving. It is Heritage Specialty and threw some lights on the Serving style of coffee and origin of Coffee Products in UAE. Arab has their own art for preparing and adoring coffee. In 2015, UNESCO added majlis and gahwa to its list of the Intangible culture history of Humanity, underscoring the importance of Cultural Traditions.

Dallah is typically rich ornamented, usually engraved with geometric patterns, stylized plants, and flowers, love scenes from Arabic poetry or other decorations, including semi-precious gemstones and ivory. Modern dallah are more typically practical vessels, and even automatic dallah and thermos dallah are available to the modern Coffee Lover.

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