i did a rosetta in hot chocolate today. that was fun : )

then i smothered it in whip cream cause that's what the customer wanted. then i did one of my best rosettas yet in a latte (made with half and half, mind you) and the customer acted like he didn't see it! i know my latte art isnt perfect (and maybe only decent for half of the time), but every time a dude i work with draws in espresso with milk, everyone freaks out.

oh well. i'm filling in a shift again tomorrow night so i'll work on my art some more : ) shall be a fun night with miss rebekah.


also: thanks to all of my customers who care (you know, all the ones that aren't a part of bX and cant read this post). i love my regulars. and thanks for the lemon walnut pesto from large-sugar-free-hazelnut-latte-with-skim-milk-lady. that made some of the best damn pizza i've had in awhile and was the perfect end to this crazy holiday weekend

also also: today was basically craft day after work. i wont bore any readers with the other stuff i made. but this! this is like coffee's cousin. in the sense of enthusiasts and aficionados and whatnot. and that little thing wrapped around it? it's home. the home i made for it out of yarn. slirp slirp


i'm still waiting on the perfect occasion to drink this beer. i stumbled upon it in this fridge while staying in a shack in the delta this past october. back story: i'm a shiner bock girl (when i'm not an abita amber girl). LOVE LOVE LOVE some shiner bock. and to magically find a holiday edition of my favorite beer...!! whaaaaaattt??? if i was a video game nerd or collector's nerd i'd have some great thing to compare the awesomeness to. but i'm not. so maybe somebody out there can just get it with me.


good night : )

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Comment by Eli Masem on January 2, 2011 at 12:54pm
you should sell them on etsy!
Comment by Melanie Lea on January 2, 2011 at 12:32pm
i did! i've been working on two other ones, also. thanks for checking it out!
Comment by Eli Masem on January 2, 2011 at 8:40am
did you make that beer coozy?  That's rad!

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