I might have been off more than I can chew with the body work.  I'm a technician not a stainless fabricator.  I've used many buffing compounds and  tried many grinders but I think it would be money well spent to let the pros' handle this one.  The machine is basically finished.  I pulled all the stainless off again for polishing so my poor machine is just a skeleton again.


Won't be much longer

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Comment by Mike Sabol on June 26, 2011 at 12:34pm
I have found it easier, and better looking, to put a 'brushed' finish on stainless panel that already have some use on them.  Use a green 3M scrub pad backed by a dense sanding sponge and move across the panel.  You have to be super careful to move in a straight line and make sure to pick the pad up off the panel to change directions or move it to the next spot.  It is really easy to put diagonal scratches into the panels.  You don't need to use any buffing compounds for this and when it's done it looks good.

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